10 Best Villains In The Fable Franchise, Ranked


Fans still remember many of the bad guys from the Fable series. Here is a list of the most famous bad guys.

Even if people didn’t like Fable 3, it’s hard to argue that the Fable games aren’t cult favorites. Whether it’s because of the great cast of characters in each game, the fact that players have to make hard choices and choose their own endings, or the sheer nostalgia of the franchise, the series has won over a lot of fans who still love the game even though the last one came out almost 15 years ago.

One of the best things about the game is how the people who made it were able to make villains who were both very bad and weirdly likeable, like corrupt kings and heroes who turned bad. In fact, the bad guys have become fan favorites, and players are begging for them to come back in Fable 4, which was just revealed.

By Hurara

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