5 Best Serval Light Cones In Honkai: Star Rail


Serval can use the different light cone choices well, whether they are free or not.

Serval, the oldest daughter of the Landau family, is one of the first characters that players can use for free. This is because so many people pre-registered for Honkai: Star Rail. So, players who want to build a team with Erudition characters but don’t have access to Himeko or Jing Yuan, for example, may find this rogue rock star to be a good choice.

Serval can specialize in different things, which can make it hard for players to figure out how to build her at first. For example, she can be a Shock DoT enabler, which opens up a unique way to play when combined with other characters like Sampo, or she can be a mix of AoE and single-target damage dealer. Serval is lucky that she has a number of free-to-play and non-free light cone options that let her do the most damage possible and give her other benefits.

By Hurara

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