5 unconventional knowledge about custom rigid boxes

custom rigid boxes

Rigid packages are an excellent option to showcase your best-branded products. Although, there is no other finer marketing tool than it. You might have seen these high-value boxes used for luxury goods packaging. Their specialty lies in sturdy material which is difficult to damage. Looking at the packaging options, you will agree that custom rigid boxes have the most glamorous style. The customers are becoming fond of their beauty. They help in delivering your products with utmost safety and appeal. The businesses design these boxes from thick paperboard laminated with printed or embellished paper. Some brands also go for adding leather or fabric wraps to enhance the perceived value of your products. 

The features of rigid packaging are exceptional. However, some new business owners are still unaware of several facts regarding it. This article will throw light on unconventional knowledge concerning the use of rigid packages:

Assembling the Custom Rigid Boxes: 

As the word rigid portrays, you cannot fold your packaging flat. Other choices like folding cartons and cardboard boxes can become flat. Therefore, they require assembling before filling them up with the product. But custom rigid boxes have a different structural layout. These are ready-to-use packages; consequently, they have a lower assembly cost.

Furthermore, they have a less tooling cost than the manufacturing of other options. Such packaging is perfect for short-run orders. Some come with a removable lid, while others come with magnetic closures to make the box easy to seal. Rigid packages are a good option for brands and retailers. Although, they have an ideal composition with an alluring exterior. The canvas provides unlimited design opportunities. The availability of different structural formats and graphic capabilities can overlap your imagination. 

1. Highly Affordable:

Several business owners believe that luxury packaging is expensive. Well, in reality, it is very affordable. There are a few stunning factors that make them cost-effective options as compared to others. All this is related to the manufacturing of the boxes.

• These crafted boxes are specifically designed for luxurious goods. For their manufacturing, the finest quality chipboard is selected. It has a durable touch and feels. As the material is a form of paper packaging, its cost of production is not so high. You can get it from renewable energy sources. Once your packaging material is ready, slice and shape it according to the box configurations. The whole process never makes you out of budget. 

• Stock rigid boxes can withstand high pressures due to their strength and durability. Unfortunately, as a result, product damage, so there are minimal returns. 

• In most cases, a printed or textured sheet of paper is pasted on all of its parts. However, the packaging is so attractive that even a simple customized logo can serve the purpose. In addition, it reduces your printing expense significantly. 

• Creating these packages in bulk makes you save a few more bucks.

1. Designed with Precision:

Luxury rigid boxes are paper-based boxes with a thickness of 2-3 mm. they are wrapped in printed or decorative paper. This premium packaging is used for an array of products of everyday use, including cosmetics, board games, jewelry, perfumes, and gifts. Furthermore, the most peculiar thing is their precision. Several business people believe that rigid packaging is difficult to make in an accurate size according to your product dimensions, mainly because of its sturdiness. Instead, you can get a custom-sized box with precise measurements per your demand. 

1. High Resistance:

Have you ever thought about what makes luxury rigid boxes the most helpful packaging option compared to others? Well, it’s a good resistance and rugged construction. High-value items like jewelry and smartphones etc., need a sturdy package to deliver the products safely. In addition to providing utmost protection, this luxury packaging has an extra solid construction. They offer a vague and a robust look. The quality of the material is matchless. It’s why this packaging is making its way into every industry. It keeps your products well-protected. Therefore, It saves them from damage, mishandling, or accidental downfalls. 

It also acts as a sound barrier against moisture, and contamination, saving your products from harmful elements. Furthermore, you can coat them with gloss or matte lamination using pressed sheets. This feature makes it similar to cardboard boxes in terms of competence. However, rigid packages are much more robust due to a thick chipboard frame. As a result, you can quickly secure your products during long-distance transportation. 

1. Custom Rigid Boxes are Printed with Organic Inks:

Stock rigid boxes are available in multiple styles. They are hot stamped, printed, or added with various coatings. However, the most fantastic thing about these packages is their eco-friendliness. Businesses who want to show their green concern can use them for their products’ packaging. Mostly they are printed with organic inks like vegetable or soy-based inks to make them recycle-safe. These boxes are best for high-level printing and graphics. You can use them for commercial purposes and your brand’s promotion. Print them with your brand name, logo, tagline, and other essentials to promote your business more in a competitive market.  

Final Thoughts:

After knowing these unconventional facts about custom rigid boxes, you might be clear about their importance. There are unlimited ways to design them more attractively. Whatever approach you choose, make sure that your packages look elegant and straightforward. If you are availing of 3D color printing, a foil-stamped logo, or embossed letting, a little thoughtfulness can make things easier for everyone. These boxes would never collapse like cardboard cartons. However, their features, strength, and design capabilities are worth considering. You may also add decorative elements like ribbons, custom tags, inserts, handle buckles, etc., to enhance their display. The massive developments in the printing and packaging industry are making rigid box packaging the most preferred option by hundreds of businesses around the globe.

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