6 Different Types of 3D Printers You Should Be Aware Of

UV printer in pakistan
The technology of UV printer in pakistan appears to be a monolithic industrial solution from the outside. In this market, there is a wide variety of things and techniques to choose from.
Here are the most common kind of UV printer in pakistan to keep an eye out for.


It is still in use today, and it is a unique method of making three-dimensional objects. Stereolithography is the first 3D printer technology, established in the 1980s and still in use today.
However, despite the fact that employing lasers to cure specific layers within a resin vat is more time-consuming than subsequent advances, it is still a viable option in some situations.

The data was process digitally

A digital projector, which is similar to stereolithography, can create entire layers in a single flash.
People who are accustom to using CNC prototyping to construct prototypes will find it easier to do so with 3D printing because it speeds up the process. When it comes to outsourcing, modern UV printer in pakistan and CNC machining technologies allow for a speedy turn-around of projects.

Modeling of a combined deposit

Because of its low cost, this is most likely the form of 3D printing with which you are most familiar.
The process of FDM involves heating and extruding a plastic filament, which is then placed in layers and allowed to cool and harden before being remove.

SLS stands for selective laser sintering

SLS 3D printing is a technique that employs lasers to sinter a powdered polymer layer by layer as the laser beam interacts with its molecules at certain coordinates, as opposed to traditional 3D printing.
In comparison to FDM, it gives additional support for more complicated structures to remain in place until the process is complete.


If you’ve ever used an inkjet printer, you’ll find that MJ-based 3D printing will be as natural as breathing.
Using ultraviolet light, the printer head deposits UV-reactive polymer droplets in jets, which are then cured by the printer. In contrast to inkjet printers, the printing bed may be lower to accommodate the addition of additional layers.

Jet of sand and metal binders

It is possible to manufacture anything out of sand or metal using binder jetting. Which is a process of attaching powdered materials together with the use of a precise polymer.
Curing takes time, but the effects are remarkable. And it is frequently used in conjunction with other processes like as SLS.
Now that you are familiar with the various industrial date code printer in pakistan technologies. It is time to put them to the test and see how well they perform.
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