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UTTARAKHAND is an exceptional place where you can find snow-wrapped mountains, frozen breeze, and panoramic views in every nook. Above all, this place is the best to explain the definition of beauty. In every nook of the world, this place is known as with the name of “devbhoomi” or the “land of GODS” because there are footprints that prove the real existence of GOD in ancient times. From the cuisine of UTTARAKHAND to the garden of this region, everything is impressive and you can’t find it anywhere else. Instead of remembering the time when you first visit this place, come here to recreate the memories. Today we are going to travel in the garden of UTTARAKHAND where you will see the lip-smacking fruits. 

Here are the following delicious fruits heading straight towards the garden


Everybody knows about this fruit and it is edible to eat straight from the garden because there is no use of any artificial fertilizers. Not in this place only, this fruit is exported to other parts of the border. But you could not grow this fruit apart from the land of UTTARAKHAND and HIMACHAL because the temperature or the climatic condition is not adequate as in other parts of the world. Bit difference in the taste of this fruit which is being plucked from the tree or the exported one. You must try once if you visit this place. 

  • PLUM – 

Another delicious fruit that may be you miss in other parts of the world with its original taste. Then it’s better to pick from the tree and taste it today so that you don’t forget the pleasure which you will receive from here. UTTARAKHAND’s soil and weather or temperature are perfect for this plant, and could not grow anywhere else. Most of the local people consume plum fruit as a juice, jam, or sauce. Cultivation of this plant is done in a wide range or you can say in bulk because this fruit is transported in every nook of the world. 

  • HISALU – 

HISALU is quite an unfamiliar name for the people who don’t belong to the UTTARAKHAND region. But this yellow-colored fruit has its own specialty and someone can find it in the abundance. From all over the world, this is also known as raw fruit berry which is delicious in taste and real taste is sweet. HISALU is filled with nutrients and consumption of this fruit eradicates the lack of nutrients in the body. Cultivation of this fruit is started in the months of summer and people can find this fruit in the regions of NAINITAL, BHIMTAL, and MUKTESHWAR of UTTARAKHAND. This fruit is hard to find anywhere else so make sure you return with some tangy taste. 

  • KAFAL – 

Most of the local people refer to this KAFAL fruit as a “wild fruit” but this has its own advantages when it comes to taste. Cultivation of this fruit occurs in the winter region like UTTARAKHAND, soil and temperature are favorable for this fruit. Way sour and due to this reason it is hard to consume straight from the tree. But the local people of UTTARAKHAND use it with chili and salt over it. There is one annoying thing in this fruit, that – the seed is quite large than the pulp of it, so you will find a small portion in each one. As per the taste of this fruit, someone can say that – it can recover the deficiency of VITAMIN – C undoubtedly. 

  • KHUMANI – 

KHUMANI or APRICOT is the same name of this fruit and most people might be aware of it. This one fruit is also ripe in this land and rich in nutrients or anti-oxidants which makes this fruit perfect to consume. Just by glaring towards the fruit can filled the heart with joy and you will feel so much appetite after that. Well famous, toothsome and most selling fruit in this region which you can see as you enter in the market. 

  • DADIM – 

DADIM is the same in structure as pomegranate and it has an amalgamation of two tastes – sweet and sourness. This is another favorite fruit in the UTTARAKHAND region and mostly you can see the cultivation of this fruit is in the KUMAON region of UTTARAKHAND. 


FRUITS are the best source of energy and every region cultivates a wide variety of fruits that are different in taste and eye-pleasing too. There are the following fruits which are most famous in every nook of the world and grow in the land of GODs. On the first visit to AIPAN RESORT, firstly we offer these amazing fruits for refreshment to the visitors and then offer them the best stays in CHOPTA from there they can proceed the journey.

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