8 Awesome Characters That Almost Made Into Tekken


These figures almost made it into the Tekken fighting game series, but just didn’t make it.

Before a figure is finished and sent out into the world, it’s hard to know how people will react to them. These sketches of ideas for the game aren’t just extras for the menu screen. They help the developers tweak who the player will be able to control and connect with until they are sure that at least some people will be interested.

For instance, Tekken started out as a copy of Virtua Fighter made by most of the old Virtua Fighter team. But their karate guy turned out to be the cruel Kazuya Mishima, and the guy who looked like Jacky Bryant became the funny force Paul Phoenix. But not every character that gets picked ends up in the game, as these Tekken figures did not make it.

By Hurara

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