A Comprehensive Guide For Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia page creation guide

Wikipedia is the Fifth most used platform. People from all over the world use this website to increase their knowledge. Many researchers, students, and scientists take great in the study from this device. If you have opened a new business Wikipedia can use a tool to promote that business. You might know that Wikipedia avoids publishing any promotional content. Make sure while writing that you only use a neutral tone. A neutral tone can also help people to understand more about your business.

A Wikipedia page creation agency can help you in your Wikipedia creation. You have to decide whether you want to take their services or want to create your Wikipedia page on your own. If you want to create a Wikipedia page for your business or yourself, just follow these comprehensive guidelines

1.      Search

Searching Wikipedia guideline is an essential part of page creation services. Wikipedia pages are edited by volunteers. The main of this website is to prove authentic information to users globally for free.

Wikipedia only accepts knowledge on its page that can be proved by a verified source like peer-review journals, newspapers, and websites. So, don’t post references from random blogs, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts. Wikipedia considers them as self-published resources and will reject your edit, or page.

Do you know that Wikipedia deletes more than 200 articles daily because these articles do not follow the notability principle? you must know that no amount of editing can make your article notable. What does mean?

It simply means Wikipedia determines with the help of some test that your article deserves to be published on such a large website. So how can you that your articles are fulfilling the notability principle or not? Here is a list of things to consider before page creation

Significant coverage

  • If the article or business has generated significant coverage in media, another peer journal then you can create a page around it.


  • If you want to create your business page or personal profile, make sure that you give information that is reliable and can be verified by a third-party source.


  • You must have to provide a source on your Wikipedia business page. You can use multiple publishing sources as a single source for notability.

Independent of the subject

  • Some must have published about you other than yourselves. Press releases, ads, and autobiographies are excluded from the independent source of the subject.

2.      Account creation is a must

Open the home page of Wikipedia and press the create account button. Add all the necessary information. Make sure that you add your own name as a user name for the authenticity of your profile.

Become an autoconfirmed users

After account creation, you might see one box that has written help improve Wikipedia. Click on that box and do at least 10 edits in 4 days to become autoconfirmed users. You can find ‘Edit a page link ‘on the top of every Wikipedia page. Press the link whenever you want to edit a page. It will not much of your time.

3.      Preview a red color link

When you decide on your page title, search it on Wikipedia to know if any other Wikipedia page exists that has the same name. Redlink will appear on the page.

Step 3 Save the red color link

For continuous access to your Wikipedia page make sure that you save the link of your page on the user page on the user talk page. Both of these pages are permanently given on any Wikipedia page. Press the publish changes button

4.      Create your Wikipedia page

After you are an autoconfirmed user, press the Article Wizard button. It is up to you to start editing your page or do some editing practice on Sandbox. Add all the information you want people to know about your business.

Follow these guidelines while creating a Wikipedia page

  • Use a neutral tone while writing Wikipedia articles.
  • Avoid using hate propaganda against any business, religion, or personality.
  • Do not publish your theory to derive an agenda against anyone.
  • Add a link of your website for the subtle promotion of your business

5.      Add citation

Wikipedia’s main purpose is to work as an encyclopedia platform. So, they demand authentic reliable third-party sources. You can add sources from different Journals, publications, websites, and newspapers that have mentioned your name or about your business.

6.      Submit your page for review

After following all the steps, submit your page for review. Wikipedia team can take at least 30 days to make any decision regarding the publishing of the page. After Wikipedia approved your page, you need to make sure that you update your page regularly because Wikipedia constantly monitors the page performance and deletes the page that shows no activity.


Wikipedia is an amazing platform that allows you to create brand awareness for free. You only need to follow the guidelines of Wikipedia.

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