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The debate about Paragraph 219a was heat and tough – as always when it comes to the subject of abortion. A doctor was sentence to 6,000 euros for listing the “abortion” in the catalog of services on her website. That counts as advertising. A hefty sum for just spelling out a word. Not only is it illegal to advertise abortions in this country, the implementation is only punishable under certain conditions. How far are we from “my body, my choice”? Says Abortion pills in Dubai online.


For the regional court of Giessen it is clear: The doctor has made herself liable to prosecution, because in addition to the advertising, it meets the condition of the financial advantage. Anyone who clicks on the associate link on the practice’s homepage can request a PDF brochure as an email that provides information on the methods and costs of an abortion. Unlike in other countries, the costs – depending on the practice and method between 200 and 600 euros – are only cover in special cases. Paragraph 219a is intend to prevent doctors from advising abortions in order to earn money. So far so understandable.

However, the paragraph is rigorously word: Even the mere information that the practice is terminating at Abortion pills in Dubai online is define as advertising. In reality, this resembles a ban on information, because doctors hardly have a chance of fully informing their patients about risks and side effects. Advice centers like Pro Familia have to do this in person. If you google this information, you will quickly find yourself on the pages of relevant anti-abortion opponents, including Holocaust comparisons and allegations of child murder. Of course, this is not particularly useful for women in a conflict situation. There is now a petition against paragraph 219a and also the Left, SPD, Greens and FDP have spoken out in favor of a change in the law. Where appropriate information ends and where advertising begins, shouldn’t have to be exclude from the gray area.


In fact, the paragraphs regulating an abortion go back to 1933. At that time, the Nazi rulers claim the right to control the female body and the value of life. Female self-determination was not exactly popular there.

Since 1993, Paragraph 218a has apply: Termination of pregnancy is exempt from punishment if there are criminological, medical or psychological indicators. The pregnancy either endangers the life of the woman or is the result of rape. However, this is only the case in 5% of the abortions carry out.

In order for the father state to consider the remaining 95% un punish, the woman must meet conditions: She must attend a mandatory consultation at Abortion pills in Dubai online, then at least 72 hours must pass before a doctor can carry out the termination up to the end of the 14th week of pregnancy. Rarely does the law intervene so vehemently in a woman’s right to self-determination and sovereignty over her life and body as it does during pregnancy.


“We have had an abortion from Abortion pills in Dubai online” – on the front page of the star on June 6, 1971, 374 women publicly confess to their abortion, despite the legal prohibition. At that time an absolutely taboo subject. Only then? Even today we are not talking about abortions. Or how many cases do you know from your environment? None? According to estimates, however, you would have to, because on average every fifth woman in UAE decides against an un want pregnancy once in her life.

It is a sensitive, emotional and far too often shameful topic. over which there is a good deal of double standards. There have always been un want pregnancies, there always will be, and it always takes two. However, German law continues to rule women instead of creating legal spaces of protection and relying on responsible behavior. It is absurd to think that a woman would recklessly choose to have an operation under general anesthesia, which can lead to physical and psychological complications and side effects. With us, after all, the AfD achieve 12.6 percent with an abortion ban in the election manifesto, but the right-wing conservative jolt is also having an impact on the abortion debate throughout Europe. In Poland, the law has now been tighten so massively, that many women seek help abroad. However, this is very expensive and only possible for the middle and upper classes. Next to Ireland, that one Report of Amnesty International, has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, abortion is also in Malta remains a criminal offense.


Legislators do not want the public to talk about a demolition as if it were a normal thing. According to the Giessen regional court. Pregnancy, whether want or not, will never be a normal thing. Section 219a is out of date, but # wegmit219a is not enough, something has to change. Women have the right to choose freely about their lives and their bodies. This also includes freely accessible information about termination methods. We should, society should and the state should trust each and every responsible citizen to do that.

Why don’t we start to support them in this difficult situation wherever we can. Be it for advice during a pregnancy, for the way through an abortion, but also after a pregnancy. Do anti-abortionists scream just as loud when it comes to more money for daycare centers and kindergartens? When it comes to more money for socially disadvantage families? When it comes to family-friendly working models? I can not hear you.

Most women act responsibly, whether they choose to have a child or not. A society that takes its citizens seriously should ensure a law. That gives women legal security in their physical integrity and protects doctors from criminal prosecution. For this it is worth going to the next instance. For more about abortion or consult with doctor visit us at Best abortion pills in Dubai.


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