American Airline Customer Service In 2022

top 10 airline customer service travel tips. anybody else have terrible airline customer service stories?

backpacker’s airline story (22 June 2018)

I found this amazing piece from a lady who flies 6 international airlines each month. She calls herself the ultimate air miles junkie, and tells the tale of her times dealing with various airlines and passengers, both in the air and on the ground. I’m astounded that an airline customer service rep on one of the world’s biggest airlines can be so s… holes that they won’t even put on your seatbelt. If you don’t want to spend two hours on your trip, she says you can opt out of the seatbelt extension procedure. Still, she offers some good advice, and even calls them out on the ones that tried to weasel their way out of it. Bravo. Well worth the read, just in general. She really goes to bat for Delta and United.
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travel geek suggestion (23 June 2018)

I went to the discovery floor of a bookstore and the section was focused on unusual airlines and regions. They had the number of every airline flight, including Delta Air Lines, USA on Concorde, China Air, Malaysian Airlines, Air France, etc. I started going through the pages. Any that had helpful stats were highlighted. They also had the number of cities served. I started with the plane numbers. The O/D code, or call sign, would help me if I was ever the victim of some sort of technical mistake, mishearing the call sign. If I needed to be rescued, I’d know the call sign for my airline. I don’t remember how many of these I looked up, but I did find several in the long list.
I remember a small strip called Air 20, a commuter airline based in the desert outside of Chicago. I’ve never flown this airline but they were here and I wasn’t expecting it. I later found the Air 20 schedule and I didn’t believe it. We’re talking 30 city pairs each way for $230 a ticket. For this, you get, from some reports, only 4 seats per plane. I wasn’t planning on doing this, but maybe I should have, just for fun. Here’s one of the flight schedules, for example. No wonder this airline didn’t list prices.

Chicago O’Hare Airlines (30 May 2018)

A reader commented on the experiences she had booking flights on one airline, Chicago O’Hare, several years ago: …

Best airlines for a summer trip (26 May 2018)

No particular airline, but the ones I like most this time of year are: Hawaiian Air (for its gorgeous plane and service) JetBlue (great staff and comfy seats) American Airlines (good service, great food, plenty of outlets, easy check-in, comfortable seats) Southwest (fun staff, on time, lots of outlets, cheap and very comfortable) British Airways (friendly staff, first class is luxurious, easy check-in, lots of outlets) Visit Techairo
Quick stop at T3 (24 May 2018)
this is me last year at T3 last summer
p.s. don’t know if these people are in a T3 fli/show on TV (24 May 2018)
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