Best 10 Cloud-Based Appointment Software For Beauty & BarberShops


So, Talking about the BarberShops software, it allows salons, spas, barbershops or any other beauty business owner to manage the daily operations effectively. 

Whether you are operating a small or big beauty business, the need for BarberShops software cannot be neglected. 

Salon software’s goal is to simplify every business procedure. As a result, we can conclude that Salon booking management software is capable of managing day-to-day operations, such as handling online booking requests, managing staff members, monitoring and scheduling, etc.

If you want your beauty business set apart from the competition, you need to invest in beauty salon booking software. It will help to expand your clientele as well as increase salon revenues.

Look for better software systems that will assist you in the effective and productive management of the salon operations. There are several cloud-based salon software available which will keep your salon operations organised and take your relationship with your customer to the next level.

Here, we will enlist the top 10 software to manage the beauty business operations.

Top Rated Cloud-Based Barbershop Software

Many entrepreneurs who are about to start a beauty business or already have it are anxious about managing the salon customer bookings, premise inventory, and all. That’s why you should invest in software that helps to manage the salon operations along with saving your time.

We are now putting the best-rated beauty & barbershop booking system that will assist in your day-to-day business operations.


It’s one of the best BarberShops software, comes with an easy-to-use interface, and allows a quick way to manage online client booking without any hassle. It makes the life of a beauty business manager a lot easier. Salonist offers billing and payments, salon promotion, customer management, online customer booking, and appointment schedule optimization.

Apart from the online customer booking and salon promotions, the tool lets the salon owners integrate the social media handle to the barbershop software to accept customer bookings. 

Salonist software also has a simple & easy checkout process that helps to keep track of cash transactions, etc.

The salon manager can view the customer appointments planned for the day and in the future using the software dashboard. You can also go through the existing customer profile and create a new one with Salonist.


Another cloud-based salon management system is easy to launch and makes you smoothly run the salon or spa business.

As a salon manager, you won’t need to worry about taking manual customer appointments, keep the customer informed about the booking. It automatically takes care of the online booking part and allows you to manage your staff payroll, inventory management, etc.

The software is itself capable of managing things automatically, and you only just need to focus on providing exceptional customer service. Talking about software compatibility, this beauty salon booking software works on both PC and MAC computers, as well as all mobile devices.


Vagaro is a robust software system that lets you manage the daily beauty business customer appointments, accept online booking, marketing activities, generate reports, etc.

Using the software, it is easier to check the calendar wherein you can check the upcoming customer appointment and help your staff to prepare in advance. Even this BarberShops Software also allows to reschedule the appointments, send intimation to the clients through SMS, emails. 


Looking at this software, it takes care of almost all the beauty business needs. Timely is a one-stop destination where you can quickly manage customer reservations, salon employees, sales, business reporting, etc. This beauty salon booking software has a diverse set of features that will allow you to manage your salon business effectively.

It also allows the customer to book the service through the application and the social media account of your business. In this way, you can give the user a unique and wonderful experience that sets you apart from the others. Along with these features, the software will send quick reminders to the customer about their service, allowing them to manage the salon inventory, cash transactions, etc.


You can also consider Mindbody software as your organisation to manage & promote your business. It has a slew of features that assist to attract more clients to your business.

You can integrate the software with your website and Facebook account to attract new customers that would help to increase your sales and profit. It gives more power to customers by allowing them to book service at any point in time from any device.

It also offers several other capabilities, including the ability to manage your salon or spa center’s marketing through social media ads and email marketing campaigns.


Rosy Salon bills itself as the world’s first cloud-based salon software, boasting a slew of advanced features. It provides features like easy appointment scheduling, access to online booking, and having the option to fix automated reminders. 

You can also make some adjustments/customisation to the software for the customers. Doesn’t sound fantastic? It also makes you create digital marketing strategies to attract a larger audience to your salon.

The ability to engage with social media profiles, handle client communication, online booking, inventory management, and more are all features of this barbershop software.


Versum will make beauty business operations smooth. This software is a web-based beauty salon booking software that will help to manage daily business activities easily.

This software has multiple features like online customer booking, appointment customer reminder option, creating social media marketing campaigns, managing the client database, and much more. It is designed to take care of the current need of a salon or spa owner.


Through this salon software, it is easier to run your beauty business successfully. It has a set of features that makes managing the daily operation of the business easier. You can integrate marketing strategies to boost your salon revenue.

It also allows you to target your potential customer through SMS & email marketing tactics. In addition to this, it allows the customer to book for the service at any time, reschedule the appointment, and do much more.

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is yet another type of beauty salon booking software that provides a world-class user interface to manage salon bookings. This software makes the synchronisation with the calendar and keeps track of the upcoming customer booking. It empowers salon managers to manage the marketing campaigns, keep a count of products, set reminders for a future booking. All in all, this will be a good asset for your business and helps to achieve your business goals.


Genbook is also an online salon software that makes operating a business effortless. Its integration with Google is what sets it apart. Genbook will connect with the major search engines, social media platforms, online directories, and local applications. Also, guarantees that your salon shows when consumers search for salons in your area.

It provides the option to collect customer feedback after taking the service. You can utilise the feedback and share it on multiple social media platforms in the form of reviews and star ratings. You’ll be able to link them to Google Search as well, which will help you improve your reputation.

Wrap Up

Managing salon operations without software help is indeed quite difficult. So there you have it: the best BarberShops Software to help you operate your business more efficiently. All these software are competent, dependable, and come with multiple pricing options. So, It’s advisable to spend more time investigating before making any final decision.

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