Best Ways to Convert HEIC Files to JPG on Mac

High Sierra and iOS 11 version released HEIF whose extension is .HEIC. This is a new image file format that was used as a replacement for JPEG. It promises the same (or even better) image quality in a relatively smaller file size. This can be great for many users who have Apple devices. But what about those who don’t? How do we convert .HEIC files to .JPG, which is more compatible with various devices? How to convert .HEIC files to .JPG on Mac? In this guide, we will teach you how to do it.Image Formats and File Storage

Once you update your device to iOS version 11,

the camera app will save files in HEIF (ie .HEIC) format automatically when capturing photos. Most people are unaware of this change. This is why those who updated to iOS 11 have been automatically capturing HEIF images without knowing it.

This might not be a cause for great concern. However, you may only notice it when trying to transfer photos to devices that do not support .HEIC formats. The other device may not be able to decrypt the HEIF file format and display an error.

Best of all, High Sierra and macros 11 convert HEIF files to JPEGs once they’re shared. However, this is only possible if heic to jpg file through Apple’s Share Sheet. If you do it through another method, HEIF will not be converted to JPEG automatically.

So what if you really want to convert the .HEIC image to JPEG?

Maybe you just want to do it for safekeeping. Or maybe you want to send it to a device that doesn’t support HEIF? You may also need to convert your images to JPEG if you want to share them through social networking sites through a web interface and not through Apple’s Share sheet.

In these situations, you would need to convert HEIC to JPEG on your Mac. In this guide, we will teach you how to do it. There are several ways to convert this unique file format to the more compatible JPEG format. However, we will start with the differences between the two.

The differences between HEIF and JPEG

HEIF files have a .HEIC extension while JPEG files use a .JPG extension. Generally, JPEG files are larger in size compared to HEIF files. However, they are compatible with all devices that understand common image file formats.

The best thing about HEIC files is that they are relatively smaller compared to other image file formats. And they promise to be smaller in size along with the same or even better image quality. However, HEIF files are not supported by most devices.


However, in the future when HEIF file formats are supported by all devices, it will be a great file format that will take precedence over JPEG and other image formats. This is because it requires less storage space, which equates to higher efficiency and resolution. So when Windows, Android, and even Linux start to support HEIC or HEIF, people would do better with HEIF files compared to JPEG files.


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