Bigg Boss 4 – Top Five Things You Need to Know

Bigg Boss 4 is the fourth season of the popular reality show. The season premiered on 3 October 2010 on Colors and ran for fourteen weeks. The show ended on 8 January 2011. This is the fourth edition of the show. Here are the five things you need to know before you tune in! This season was the longest yet, and features more competition than ever before. Here are the top five things you need to know to enjoy the show.big boss 4

The first task in the game was for the contestants to attach a killer coin to their jackets. They had to do it to win the prize money, which is worth a million rupees. To win the Voting Appeal Pass, the winner must get at least five million votes, and the first runner-up will get the cash prize. After this challenge, the remaining four contestants must perform a task to save their immunity and ensure that they stay in the game.

The last episode of Bigg Boss Telugu concluded with the eviction of Abbas Kazmi, the last housemate to be nominated. The other nominees, Seema and Veena, were left in the house and will compete in next week’s nominations. During the competition, contestants had to chant to a tune called Shakti De Bhakti De Mukti De. During the contest, the contestants must tell the judge which inmate they think is most deserving of the prize money.


Bigg Boss Telugu ended on the 12th week, with Abhijeet declared the winner. The show has been a hit in the country since 2017 and has become a popular platform for contestants to increase their fame and kick-start their careers. This season saw the return of some former contestants. In addition to the winners, this season also featured a number of ex-contestants from previous seasons.

The show was a hit among viewers, and it continued its winning streak. In the second episode of Bigg Boss Telugu, Abhijeet had been voted captain but was eliminated early in the season. The second-season winner, Syed Sohel Ryan, was nominated for the final round, which saw the contestants nominate each other. They were all given 2000 points each, but the top eight contestants were able to win with their unique personalities.

While the show has been very popular in the UK, the reality TV show is huge in India. The first season featured the WWE star The Great Khali as the winner. The second season introduced actor Ashmit Patel as the second runner-up. The fourth-season finale, which premiered on September 6, was also a hit with Monal Gajjar and Syed Sohel Ryan. While the show is becoming more popular, the viewers are not satisfied with the new results. They are hoping for a stronger finale in the future.

This season is the fourth season of Bigg Boss 4. The show is hosted by Nagarjuna and is one of the most popular reality shows in the world. It has a massive fan following and attracts viewers from all over the world. There are also several new contestants this season, including Shweta Tiwari and Monal Gajjar. It has been a long season for the show, and it has been a hit among the viewers.

This season’s finale was full of surprises. While Sara Khan was a surprise winner, she refused to talk about her marriage and was a reluctant winner. However, her performance was the most anticipated part of the season. Veena Malik was a popular contestant, and she danced to the tune of Sheila Ki Jawani. While she looked much younger than when she first entered the show, she still managed to win the most awards.

The other contestants of Bigg Boss 4 have been crowned as the winners. Surya Kiran and Monal Gajjar made it to the finals and were crowned as the show’s captains. The finals also saw the return of popular favorites like Ashmit Patel and Dolly Bindra. Despite the challenges, the show’s contestants have managed to prove themselves worthy of the title of the Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 4 – Winners of Season 4 Announced

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 4 has revealed the nominations for the upcoming episode. It will be interesting to see who will be the captain for the season. According to the sources, the first contender to hit the buzzer four times will be the captain. The other three contestants will perform the challenges to earn a star. As of now, the most important task will be the movie task, which will be announced on Day 47.big boss 4

The show has revealed that Kamal Haasan and Akhil were the winners of the previous season. These two were the only contestants to survive this season. On the other hand, Deepti and Ariyana were among the first two contestants evicted. The show will soon reveal which contestants will be the captains for this season. In this episode, we will also find out who the next contestant will be.

The season finale of Bigg Boss was colorful and dramatic, with the contestants forced to name a strong eviction candidate. Although Abijeet initially refused the eviction order, he later cried and refused to discuss his marriage. However, Akhil Sarthak had the discretion to write letters to all the contestants to tell them what to do, and the decision was finally accepted. In the final episode, he is expected to meet with the eviction candidate and choose the best way to remarry him.


In the thirteenth week of the show, the voting results will reveal the evictions of Harika, Monal and Avinash. The latter has been at the bottom of social media polls, while the former is expected to face eviction. The evictions will likely be announced by the producers on Tuesday. The show’s upcoming episode is scheduled to air on Star Maa, Disney+, and Hotstar.

In the fourth season of Bigg Boss, two contestants have been eliminated. The first is the Tollywood actress Sara Khan. She is not ready to get married, and she is adamant that she will not. She has been dating Abhijeet, who has won the fourth season of Bigg Boss. The episode will also feature a crossover episode with the Bigg Bangaadi Tamil.

After the finalists are evicted, the last person to survive has been the last housemate. The Aam Junta is the group of people that rule the house. They are the best rulers of the house. The votes will be cast to determine the winner. This week, the Aam junta has thrown out the stay order, and Shweta Tiwari is the first woman to win the show.

The housemates voted for the first runner-up. The housemates had to choose the nominees to win the prize. In the last week, the housemates voted for their favorite. The winner will get an Rs. 1 crore prize. The runner-ups will receive 25 lakh rupees, as well as a tan-colored outfit. The first runner-up will be The Great Khali.

The final episode of Bigg Boss Telugu was supposed to start in June last year. But due to the Corona epidemic, the season was postponed. The episode was filmed for 106 days. After the fourth season, the organizers started preparing for the fifth season of the show. The show’s nominations segment usually generates huge interest. If you want to win, get prepared to perform a song with Shweta Tiwari.

The other finalists were the contestants from the previous season. Ashmit Patel was the first housemate to win the fourth season. After the show was over, the remaining contestants had to perform tasks to survive. They have to impress the viewers to win the prize. The best of them will be the first runner-up. The other runner-ups were Ariyana and Harika. Sohel was the last to accept the 25 lakh rupee prize.


The second episode of Bigg Boss has the same format as the previous season. After each contestant has completed the game, they must take a photo of themselves with the camera. You can nominate a person you know, but you can only nominate yourself if you are certain about it. Luckily, there are no nominations in this episode. You can nominate yourself, but make sure you nominate more than one person to avoid being voted out.

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