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As terrifying as the title “Ghost consultants” sounds, so is their profession. Ghost consultants are those who give immigration services to clients without proper education, expertise or licensing. According to reports, “Ghost Consultants,” or unlicensed predatory immigration consultants, are a prominent source of visa refusals. Every year, a significant number of visa applications from all over the world are rejected by IRCC. Misrepresentation of facts and falsification of data are two of the most common reasons for visa denial. Most consultants target people from the Middle East in order to defraud them for large sums of money by tempting them with aspirations of a better life in Canada. As a result, it is always recommended to get counsel from a certified immigration attorney in UAE.

Warning Signs That You Are About To Become A Victim of An Immigration Scam

If the individual giving you professional immigration assistance calls himself a migration consultant/agent/immigration agent/immigration practitioner/advisor/specialist/counselor, he is most certainly a fraud. Various countries use different terms for their legal professionals, however, in Canada, there are no migration consultants, migration agents, immigration practitioners, advisers, experts, or counselors. The government allows only Canadian Immigration Lawyers to handle cases legitimately and give paid consultations. In addition, only a lawyer may represent you in federal court if your immigration application is denied. Consultants, agents, and others do not have the same authority.

There are cases that are complicated; an immigration lawyer’s responsibility is to be absolutely upfront, give you the truth, and help you with your case by being honest. However, some consultants may ask you to supply fake information and falsify papers. You should avoid falling into this trap since it will get you in trouble if the authorities find out, which they will. If you commit this act of crime, you may be barred from entering Canada for the rest of your life.

If you’re having problems contacting your representative after you’ve paid the fee, you’ve almost certainly fallen victim to an immigration scam. Legally, immigration attorneys are obligated to be present for you at every step of the process to assist you with your concerns; if they do not, you may lodge a complaint against them. But what about people who were never officially recognized by the IRCC? To report a person who has provided fraudulent information on any immigration application, call the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Border Watch Toll-Free Line at 1-888-502-9060. Immigration scams are treated very seriously in Canada, and proper action is taken against those who commit them.

In order to offer immigration services to their clients, Regulated Canadian immigration attorneys must sign a contract. This contract must include the following items:

  • Contact details for the representative
  • a list of the services that will be offered
  • Fee types and amounts to be paid
  • When are the fees due?
  • What to do if you disagreement with your representative

For a competent immigration lawyer to serve you, contracts called retainer agreements must be signed. If you are not required to sign a contract, this individual is either not a licensed professional or is violating the standards that enable them to practice immigration law.

If you want to register a complaint against your representative, you should contact the ICCRC or the Law Society.

Distinguishing Factors Between A Lawyer and A Consultant

Immigration attorneys and consultants perform the same function in assisting their clients with their immigration to Canada. The primary distinction between them is based on their educational backgrounds, regulatory institutions, and case-handling experience. To become a licensed professional legal practitioner, all attorneys must finish a three-year law degree course (after completing an undergraduate degree) and pass a bar exam (Barrister & Solicitor).

The fees charged by consultants and lawyers differ depending on their educational background. People frequently choose consultants because they charge less money, but they forget that the end result, which is your application being granted, might be harmed as a result. Immigration attorneys can represent their clients in federal court and accompany them to immigration interviews. Only immigration attorneys, not immigration consultants, may represent you in court.

Immigration consultants are not attorneys. They can, however, legitimately register as consultants after completing a one-year certification course.

Registered immigration consultants are regulated by the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). As a result, before selecting a consultant, if you really have to, ensure that the consultant’s registration number (of seven digits) is legitimate.

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Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions strives to provide legal services from licensed immigration Lawyers in UAE to our potential Canadian immigration clients. You may examine our immigration lawyers’ credentials by visiting the website of the relevant legal organizations. The government websites can assist you in determining whether your immigration lawyer is an approved representation or not.

Be wary of fake immigration consultants. Contact us for expert and certified immigration services to ensure proper application representation, saving you time, money, and resources.

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