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EICR Report

EICR Report provides a one-day service to assist in emergency search and evacuation of property / customers. All engineers have 18 sophisticate tests and Electrical installation condition Report (EICR certifications) and standardize testing equipment and tools. You can contact the lender or their agent. Get the keys from the home counselor. Or you can easily save time

The routine test includes a thorough EICR Report of the wire and load:

  • Underground contact between air and water
  • Convenient user unit
  • Damage to cables, sockets, switches, etc.
  • The rotating machine was test
  • The six-page report was generate using a quick test plan.

Both sides of the report are list as trailers and the essentials from C1 to C3. This number represents the following:

  • C1- Risks: Risk of injury – requires immediate attention.
  • C2 Corrective Action – Immediately
  • C3 – You must proceed.

EICR Report verification require

Percentage of accounting work is indicate by VAT invoice at check out. If you need help with repairs or a new lease, you can send an EICR Report to multiple tenants. Frequent travel expenses. Starting price: 90+ VAT (up to 10 beds)c. We also offer special fees for most homeowners and lenders.

Our team of engineers has had LED lights for at least 10 years

EICR Report– Temporary electrical installation condition report  in London. Engineers must add BS7671 to cross the city with the 3rd certificate in the Electrical Installation, Test and Inspection Certificate (2391). Provides background information and instructional information for course engineers. There are many components of verification and verification cable, fuses, MCBs and many more. Keep and use RCD switches to protect life and property from fire and electric shock. The presence and suitability of the property operator. The earth uses metals to supply water and air.

The test includes a test for weapons using the following tools:

  • See screw potentiometer
  • Saturday series test
  • Backup resistance in campaign areas
  • The meta initial amplifier measures ohms.
  • MS RCD tests

Home / equipment is fully test in accordance with EICR Report wire regulations, including fuse panels, grounding, wiring and mounting. Tools (switches, sockets, switches, etc.), EICR Report installation methods, adjustable connectors and more. Take the following tests:

  • The ground wire continues
  • Continuation of the last loop conductor
  • Strangers
  • Resistance to installation – partial or moisture arc recognition
  • Obstacles around the world – Look at the world road.
  • The RCD test confirms travel time and MA configuration

The EICR Report consists of a set of test components between the user and the data point. This includes inspecting materials and tracking equipment. Equipment is also test for good foundation and poor mobility. The test is call Electrical Installation Condition Report  and Short Circuit Potential (PSC). These tests ensure that each circuit has a fix line and that the RCD operates in a timely and current manner. Email us for more information. EICR Report are here to help with your technical questions. Near you in London, UK.

What is the EICR?

EICR Report status reports are intended to identify electrical faults or wear and tear that may cause problems in the future. As part of the EICR, Syncope engineers assess the service life and condition of all electrical components to ensure they meet UK standards landlord Certificates.

Register and test the following components:

  • Electric cable
  • Distribution board
  • Main panel
  • plug
  • Lighting and switches
  • Fuse box

The final report identifies and reports the following:

  • Damage or wear and tear due to electric shock, high temperature or short circuit
  • The types of components installed, their compatibility and the effect of the combinations implemented.
  • Components that do not comply with current EIT wiring regulations
  • Grounding and bonding performance
  • Installation efficiency by business objectives, occupation and size of assets
  • Asset and business changes that may interfere with installation compatibility, such as
  • expanding or installing high-performance equipment
  • Presence of signals as needed
  • Recommendations and priorities for improvement


Once completed, submit a list of improvements need in accordance with EICR Report regulations so that can make repairs or changes quickly and efficiently.

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