How to create your Facebook page in 5 steps

creating a Facebook page

The fact that you have your profile on the most popular social network in the world does not necessarily mean that you know how to create your company’s Facebook page . Despite the similarities, there are important differences.

In order to help you in your initiative, I have prepared this post. In the following lines, you will learn what this channel can mean for your business and the reasons for choosing it . I will explain to you what distinguishes a professional page on the social network from a private one and we will see, step by step, the process to create a corporate Facebook page .

What is a Facebook page?

A Facebook page or fan page is a communication channel created for companies to have a presence on Facebook. It helps them spread information, promote their products and services , increase branding and engagement with their followers, and attract new customers. In addition, this type of website can also be useful as a channel for customer service .

Because of this, it is important to carefully go through the process of creating the Facebook page . This place will become the showcase of your company on the social network and its appearance will generate a perception in the visitor, either positive or negative.

Differences between a Facebook page and a personal profile

The first thing you should know before creating your Facebook page is that it is necessary to have a personal profile . The page works in a different way than the profile, since its objectives are different. Next, we will tell you what the main differences are:

  • A Facebook profile is an exclusively personal account . It is not allowed to be used for business purposes, it only represents people. In contrast, Facebook pages are focused on professional use, for brands or businesses .
  • In a personal profile we have “friends”. The way to add friends on Facebook is through friend requests, which must be approved. In the case of pages, there are “fans” or “followers”, they are people who have clicked the “Like” button , it is not necessary to approve or ignore any request.
  • In addition, personal profiles have a limitation of 5,000 friends, while professional pages allow you to have an unlimited number of followers .
  • In the profile you can share personal information (for example, studies, city, etc.), which will or will not be visible depending on the type of privacy you configure. On the pages you provide commercial information (for example, location or hours, among others) that is publicly visible .
  • The pages have special tools that allow you to customize and give a more professional look to the page. These options are not available in a profile .
  • In a profile there is a single administrator (the person himself), while in a page it is possible to designate several administrators, which allows you to assign different responsibilities (edit or moderate, for example) that improve the management of the page.
  • Through the page you will get statistics about your followers and how is their behavior . A personal profile does not give you access to this type of information.
  • Finally, pages allow advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads , while personal profiles do not.

Reasons to create a Facebook page for your business

As you have seen in the previous point, having a Facebook page has multiple advantages. Next, we explain why it is important for your business or brand to have a presence on Facebook :

  • Increase traffic to your website : social networks are increasingly important as sources of traffic. Adding links to your website in your publications can increase the number of visits you receive.
  • Improve your branding : a Facebook page can serve us as a tool to manage the brand of your business and allows you to work on the positioning of your brand according to its values ​​and objectives.
  • Support your advertising campaigns : in order to create an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram Ads, it is essential to have a Facebook page. Facebook offers a large number of targeting options and has several advertising formats.
  • It gives you visibility : Facebook is the most used social network in the world, so you will increase your chances of being found by people who are looking for your products / services.
  • It is one more communication channel : Facebook pages allow direct interaction with your audience , either through interactions in posts or by sending private messages .

Steps to create your Facebook page

Step 1. Access Facebook

The first thing you should do to create your Facebook page is to log in with the personal profile from which you want to work. In this way, you will become an administrator automatically. If you do not have a personal profile, you must create one.

When you enter the social network you will see that, at the bottom, a link appears to create a page on Facebook directly . You can click there to start creating your page, but keep in mind that Facebook will ask you to register or login later in the process.

Step 2. Choose a category

The next step is to select the type of page you want to create. This is an important step, since the category you select will help you be present in the most relevant searches of users . In other words, the type of page affects the way Facebook ranks pages.

Step 3. Fill in the form with the necessary information

Next, you must provide the necessary information to identify your page:

  • Page name: this field is required
  • Category: this field is also required. By clicking on it, they ask you to start writing something that identifies your business . You will see that a drop-down appears with different options.
  • Presentation: this field is optional, it is used to add more information or details about your business. You can add other details, or even images, once the page is created.

Facebook allows you to have a preview of how your page will look, also in mobile version .

Step 4. Select a profile and cover image

Once the basic information is filled in, you must select a profile and cover image for your page. This step must be taken consciously and not make random decisions, since it is the most visual aspect , the one that your visitors will see first.

Some aspects that you can take into account are:

  • It is important that the images have a good resolution and are visually clear and concise.
  • A good design of the images on Facebook brings a greater appeal and an aspect of professionalism.
  • Take into account the design aspects of your brand : typography, colors, etc.
  • The dimensions for the cover and profile image should be as follows:
    • Cover: 851 x 315
    • Profile: 500 x 500

Once these steps are completed, you can finish setting up your Facebook page.

Step 5. Customize your page

As you can see, creating a page on Facebook is relatively easy and fast . However, once this part is finished, the most important part comes. You still have some must-have customization tasks to do.

Complete the information

Add to your page all the information that you want the user to know well about your business. Among others, these data could be:

  • Web page
  • Direction
  • Email and / or contact phone
  • Opening hours / customer service
  • Prices

Manage administrators

Identify the roles and people who will manage the day-to-day running of the page. To do this, access the drop-down menu button “Edit page”> “Manage administrators”.

Add the members of your team who will manage the Facebook account on this screen, create the different profiles and assign them the roles based on the role they will perform:

  • Administrator: has full control of the page and accesses all its functions.
  • Content creator: generate and publish posts on the page.
  • Moderator: delete and modify messages from followers.
  • Advertiser: manage Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Statistics analyst: keep track of the evolution and exploit the data.

Set permissions

Configure aspects such as publication permissions, publication visibility, the creation of notifications, the different filters, etc. I advise you to carefully read all the options and modify the parameters to adapt them to your objectives.

Add a CTA or call to action

Facebook also gives you the option to add a call to action or “CTA” (call to action) on your professional page. This button is at the bottom right of the cover. You can choose between several options. Think about what action we want the people who visit the page to take. These are some of the options available:

  • Follow the page
  • Reserve
  • Start order
  • To call
  • Send message via Facebook
  • Send an e-mail
  • Send message through WhatsApp
  • Buy

As you have seen, creating a Facebook page and setting it up is not complicated, and it can have great benefits for your business .

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