Damascus knives

1. Choosing the right pocket blade

If you want a pocket knife during your outdoor adventure, it is important to find a model for yourself. Here’s how to put one together for use with your pocket knife.


You may be wondering why you need a pocket blade with you. First of all, it is interesting to know that before a child became a human, every man had a sword because of a knife. It is a symbol of desire and courage.

Let’s get back to the basics. Pocket knives are usually ready to use whether you are at home or on the go. If you have to fix it at home, it is definitely worthwhile to try to cut things in order, so having a simple pocket knife will help.

2. The concept of the Damascus knife

Damascus blades are layered blades. It usually consists of hardcore in which hard metal and soft metal layers alternate. This system was created by the ancients when making swords. This is a method that requires skill and patience. And it will leave a unique and beautiful pattern on the surface of the kitchen knife that is being cut.

Steel production.

The first ended with the steel industry in India and, in general, in the eastern center a few centuries ago. Known for its good quality, it can be seen that the mooring pattern is prominent, and this steel was mainly used in making swords. Damascus, also known as Votes, is the result of the crystallization of pattern steel on the Votes blade. (Especially carbon in Egypt), the pattern is unique and uncontrollable. As a result of chemical changes

3. scrimshaw knife handle

Screams are a form of bone carving that is engraved in light colors around the pattern. It emerged in the 18th century as a site for the United States as a fishing and whaling ship. Initially, the products produced primarily for Scrum Shaw were whale bones, sharks, and sperm whales. With walrus teeth

The plot in the first statue was a series of events. This theme has seafood images of seafood, mermaids, etc. There is no doubt that the most commonly used products in pictures are utensils that are different from kitchen utensils like spoons, forks, and knives. Needles and knives were used as engraving tools. Which uses multiple shots.

4. Types of hunting knives

Today, there are many types of research knives that emphasize years of experience and practice.

The following hunting knives depend on the type of work:

  • All-purpose knife. It is commonly used to kill prey. This type of knife has a handle with a selector and a blade. The limiter can now be used to prevent the hand from hitting dangerously.
  • Knives with a special purpose such items make the extra work process easier. Each can be used separately for speculation or slaughter.

5. Who can make a Damascus knife?

Such a masterpiece is not available to everyone because it requires a lot of experience to create. Today, many sources provide the best Damascus knives for the consumer market.

Industrial production. In this case, the process would be set to “massive”, the knives were not much different from the assembly line, although the quality was more or less decent. Prices are average for them. But because of the mass production and almost global availability, the audience coverage is very wide.

Artisan: They fill the market with low-quality goods which are definitely looking for buyers because of their low price. However, such a knife will not serve you for a long time due to unsatisfactory content.

6. Chef’s knife

This blade is not just for what is considered essential for the kitchen. And not just in name, but in his abilities. Even professionals can’t do that, and it’s very useful in home kitchens. The chef has a wide and long blade and a pointed tip, and the length of the blade can range from 15 to 35 cm depending on the tip of the wing.

The chef’s knife is heavy on the base. Due to the special design of the hips, it is wider at the front and gradually decreases at the edges and bottom. Thanks to this design, the dense product, and the “five” line are easy to cut, the rest of the blades are designed to cut large pieces very quickly.

7. Versatile knife

Perhaps, your ears are the most favorite and used. Multiple Knives This book is easy. Washing after each product is used to avoid exposure or similar tasks, such as chopping vegetables, are performed by several people at the same time.

Medium size utility knife, blade length 12-16 cm, suitable for most kitchen work. They can cut and peel root crops. Chop the potato sprouts and serve them with meat and fish. Lightweight, compact and doesn’t require much skill.

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They can work while sitting. All of these benefits make it a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. However, there is something wrong with this knife – you can’t cut pork or salmon properly. For these very small operations, you will need to move the knife back and forth on the product. As a result, the cutting process is not beautiful

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