E-commerce Development: Why You Should Choose Laravel?

Laravel development

The companies are looking for Laravel development services in India because of fast-growing need for reliable and secure application development in enterprises. Laravel is one of the best frameworks with strong support and build-up functionality, organizations have reduced their efforts while developing their website and applications.

Laravel makes it extremely easy to develop robust applications by integrating various codes and technologies required for dynamic web application development. The plan greatly reduces unnecessary complexity through integrated and customized development solutions. These frameworks make it easy to deliver applications in a standard way, and it can be easily used on different devices for real-time processing.

Companies all over the world are looking for high-quality, safe frameworks for their website development projects. Selecting the appropriate framework is very essential for the organizations to get the success in their website and application development projects. In this article we will understand what Laravel is and why to choose Laravel for your next web application development project. 

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open source Web MVC framework for PHP. Laravel is a robust framework that makes it easy to develop PHP web applications. It comprises different features like a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, access to relational databases, and other utilities for application deployment and maintenance. Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell. Since the first version (version 1) was released in June 2011, it has steadily grown in the field of PHP frameworks in the web development industry.

Key Features of Laravel

  • Security
  • Artisan console
  • MVC Support
  • Modularity & Libraries
  • Template engine
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Unit testing, etc.

Why should you use Laravel instead of a ready-made CMS to build eCommerce websites?

Sometimes, because of its simplified content management, the availability of many plug-ins, and short project schedules, companies prefer ready-made CMS for ecommerce store development. However, they will eventually have to pay a lot of money for the customization and maintenance of the online store. Moreover, this kind of ready-made CMS causes performance and security related issues.

The Laravel framework provides solutions for each type of enterprise e-commerce needs. Let’s take a look at the reasons why Laravel e-commerce is better.

  1. Scalability: To maintain ecommerce store companies regularly add/remove products, suppliers, and other inventory related data. To quickly and easily update such kind of data the developers need a scalable solution which Laravel provides them. Laravel MVC architecture and modularity assist developers to build ecommerce stores with the new features to be added as the business grows.

With the help of Lumen and Laravel based micro-frameworks allows businesses to create and manage web applications with microservices architecture. Thus, Laravel framework helps ecommerce apps to handle thousands of users at the same time.

1. Open-source: The reason why organizations and businesses have started using Laravel is because it’s an open-source framework to use without any restrictions. This open-source feature helps businesses to customize their store at their convenience without any major costs.

Laravel is an open-source framework with several benefits and features apart from similar other open-source solutions. The Laravel web app can be easily developed and modified without fear of facing any issues. This kind of flexibility helps developers to make improvements based on their experience.

2. Customization: Laravel provides an adequate amount of options for customization like design and so on. The businesses can display products as per their requirements and interests. The in-build product search, check-out, online shop packages like AvoRed & Aimeos and other various options helps to build fully functional shopping carts.

Custom components can even be created by a development team based on project requirements. Laravel’s eCommerce templates are created with usability in mind, allowing for more efficient shopping and navigation.

3. Security: Laravel framework supports various integrations for payments like PayPal, Stripe and more to advantage both business and their customers. It enables consumers to pay using their preferred method of payment, as well as businesses to increase conversion rates and sales. Developers can also use Laravel APIs to integrate back-office systems, analytics tools, mailing services, and other third-party systems.

Laravel is a popular framework for securing eCommerce websites against common security flaws. It enables companies to personalise customers’ shopping experiences by utilising customer purchase history data.

4. Community Support: Laravel has a large community that assists developers in finding solutions to their bugs and security problems. Updates, advice, current market trends, and other relevant information are regularly provided by the community, which aids in the development of robust ecommerce solution company.

5. Simple Third-Party Integration: Your ecommerce store will almost certainly require third-party integration, and the Laravel framework provides simple APIs for connecting to payment systems such as Stripe,PayPal, Blockchain Wallet API, and others.

You’ll also have instant access to a variety of marketing and analytics tools. Any third-party system you need can be easily integrated into your website.

6. Migration Network: It uses a migration system to create databases, similar to Ruby on Rails. You can write the migrants that create your database structure in PHP instead of SQL. These migrations can be used to generate bases, tables, and indexes. If you want to change the table column, you can create a new migration instead of repeating the table creation process.

7. High-Performance Online Store: Laravel is a fantastic framework for performance optimization. For any ecommerce website performance plays a major role. Customers do not like to wait for a longer period for pages to load, in this case ecommerce performance is critical and laravel is the best example for high-performance.

Laravel comes with built-in support for cache backends like Memcached and Redis, as well as additional caching setup options. Laravel makes database indexing, memory usage reduction, and other speed optimization techniques simple.

The MVC (model-view-controller) pattern, which ensures a perfect separation of logic and presentation, also improves performance.

Can I use Laravel to build a business application?

Complex features are common in enterprise applications, and Laravel is capable of handling them effectively. As a result, it is an excellent choice for developing a business app.

Is it possible to create an e-commerce app with Laravel?

The Laravel framework is ideal for creating an e-commerce app because of its scalability, flexibility, ease of customization, and stability.

Is Laravel eCommerce optimised for search engines?

Yes, Laravel eCommerce platform is search engine friendly, making it simple to handle SEO elements like title, description, headings, and alt texts.


These are just a few of the benefits of using Laravel to build your e-commerce website. With the assistance of a laravel web development company in India, businesses can speed up the development of their applications while also saving money. Users can easily hire professional laravel developers to make any major changes or enhancements. For creating an e-commerce app, Laravel is the most popular open source PHP framework. You also don’t have to be concerned about coding bugs and glitches. They have a large community that can assist you with any issue you may have.

The decision to use Laravel or another framework is entirely dependent on the project’s needs and preferences. Because business applications are used for a variety of business goals and plans, an organisation must find a platform that meets their needs. Organizations must ensure that the software they select offers the greatest value.

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