Eight Suggestions for Increasing Your Word Power


Do you wish to broaden your vocabulary? Learning new words helps you speak English more fluently. You can express yourself more easily in English if you have a large vocabulary, regardless of how well your grammar is developed. One of the best things about studying English is expanding one’s vocabulary. Try out these ten suggestions for a more interesting and productive Education¬† system in world as you work to expand your English vocabulary.


Keep an eye out for the new vocabulary while you read or listen to English learning institute in India. Take notes on instances where you see the words you are learning used so that you can master their proper application. It is just as vital to remember the words that go with a word as it is to remember the word itself when learning common collocations.


Don’t ever try to study the dictionary for an exam. You can prevent getting overwhelmed and boost your chances of retaining the terminology by limiting your daily word count to 15.


Keep in mind that mastery will come more easily if the material is something you’re enthusiastic about. Think carefully about which terms will pique your interest or be of use to you. Choose context-appropriate readings to increase the usefulness of the words you learn. Meeting next week? Better brush up on your English vocabulary now. Connecting the terms to a real-world issue will help you remember them even if you don’t speak English in the conference.


You can learn new words in their natural context by listening to English newscasts. Your vocabulary will expand and your ability to form whole sentences will improve as a result.

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Use different colours for different words. Making this connection will aid in long-term language retention. Maintaining coherence throughout the system is essential for its success. Word classes like verbs, nouns, and adjectives could be designated by colour.

Make your own study aids for the English language (here’s a blog post that can help) in your spare time. As you make new ones each week, please keep reviewing the old ones. If you are a (kinesthetic learner [link to post on learning styles here]), making them yourself will help you recall the words.


Perform dialogue using the new vocabulary and expressions you’ve acquired. Imagine and play out a scenario in which you would have to resort to their use. When learning with a friend, try acting out a phrase to see if they can deduce its meaning. If you can’t figure out what your spouse is playing, exchange roles and try again. Practise your new words and phrases by having a mock conversation with yourself in the mirror.


Drawings depicting the words you’re learning are a great way to practise your artistic skills. Perhaps looking at your sketches can jog your memory. For those who learn best visually Institutes in World, sketching down an example is an excellent way to commit a new term or idiom to memory. This is useful even if you don’t consider yourself an artist.

Take only the advice that seems most reasonable to you and run with it. Everyone has their own unique method of learning, therefore the tips that helped you may not work for others. Keep a record of the words you learn using any approach so that you may evaluate your efficacy. Always keep in mind how much fun it may be to expand your English vocabulary!

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