Essential Life Skills to be Taught to the School Kids

Essential Life Skills

Life is uncertain and this is proved on a vast level during pandemic Covid-19 when a lot of unexpected things happened which people were not prepared for at all. Students and their school life also got affected by the pandemic, their whole school life got destroyed for a while when kids were completely uncertain about what is going to happen to the efforts of their whole year. Kids had to go through a lot of things. Even those kids who used to be too adorable of their parents and were not in the habit of doing anything at home, they had to do everything when everyone at home was ill. This whole situation taught the kids that knowing essential life skills is very necessary along with academic knowledge. As now the lockdown is completed and kids are returning to the schools therefore, they need to have knowledge of essential life skills which can make them survive in their academic and social life. School managements are also concentrating towards teaching the kids such essential life skills to enhance the capacity of the students and kids and for this school managements are inducing advanced tolls like LMS portals and ERP for school.
Both these tools LMS portals and ERP for school make teaching and learning easy and safe for the students.

So, let’s understand the essential life skills to be taught to the school kids. Kids learn things very fast and very easily if they are taught at a tender age, like cleaning. Kids should be well aware of cleanliness around them. Make your kids collect all their toys and put them in correct places and make their messed bed up, keep their books on the correct shelf and put the used packets of snacks and chocolates in dustbins. Invite your kid and assign age-appropriate cleaning tasks while you are cleaning the house. Apart from this, kids should be well aware of emergency numbers like parents’ mobile numbers, immediate neighbour’s number, kids should remember their home address completely and they should memorize close family people’s numbers too so that in the needy hours they can also contact them. Kids should also have proper knowledge of dressing sense; parents need to teach their kids how to get dressed according to the occasion and for this they need to make their kid to get dressed daily for the school by themselves, make them trained about what to wear after reaching home and what to wear at night to have comfortable sleep. If as parents you want your kid to learn counting in Maths then make your kid set the dinner table daily with the help of calculation. Kid will learn counting while he or she sets the plates, spoons, forks, bowls etc. In these ways they will become efficient enough about things related to social life also.

Make the kids stand with you when you are cooking and explain each and every method and content while preparing the food. Along with this, assign some age-appropriate tasks to the kids also related to cooking, in this way kids will never be dependent upon mother or anyone for food which is a basic life skill to learn for kids to survive in their further student life. Along with this, make the kids do their laundry by themselves as today almost every home has a washing machine so kids should also have the knowledge to operate washing machines in order to make them do their laundry easily. Kids should be taught to make their bed after they get up daily in the morning and this should be a regular routine for the kids on an essential level so that they can be disciplined about their daily life. It doesn’t matter in school or home. Also, kids should be taught about gardening which is also one of basic life skills. Due to gardening, kids come to know about the importance of sunlight, different types of soil and fertilizers, best ways of growing plants and seeds etc.

Learning such life skills make kids so much more efficient that they become able to help their parents, peers, tutors and mentors in every small and big task they see happening around them.

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