Face Identification Online: The Pros and Cons

The competition in today’s market is growing each day and also the incidences of fraud. For this purpose, the need for protective technology has grown. To fulfill the need of the corporate sector, there have been a number of innovative technologies introduced in the marketplace. However, face identification system has shown great promise in such aspects. The technology has accuracy and efficiency along with high productivity. It is considered to be a great verification system. 

What is the Mechanism behind Facial Recognition Technology?

There are various applications of facial verification technology. It can be used for crime prevention as well as unlocking doors. The examples can be seen in the media and literature. All over the world, it is popular for its fast verification service. When it comes to the algorithms working behind the software, there are multiple stages behind it. For developing a clear understanding, the mechanism in simplistic terms is as follows. 

    • Capturing the data: This is the first step in collecting a sample of physical and action-oriented characteristics during a specific period of time
    • Extraction of data: After the relevant data has been captured, the next step is to extract useful data from the dataset and organize it in desirable ways
  • Making Comparisons: After the completion of the first two steps, the comparison is drawn between the freshly obtained data and the previously available data sets
  • Creating Matches: The last step here is to capture the face signature and make a suitable decision based on the data combination. Due to the regular up-gradation in technology, the task can be done in just a few seconds. 

Not all technologies are readily accepted by clients and the same was the case with facial recognition technology. The arrival of the technology started a vigorous debate in the corporate sector regarding its privacy concerns and all related issues. In all such crowds, there are also a bunch of people who enjoyed the usage of technology but also had concerns about the misuse of data. 

The Advantages of the Technology

  • The Process of Technological Integration is Easier 

There are times when facial recognition machine learning worked and integrated very easily with the existing electronic devices and their results came out very well. What is the good news for industries in it? The good point is that corporations won’t need to spend extra finances on renovating their existing resources so that they can accommodate technology. This was really important for technological integration. Hence, everything was existing adaptable. 

  • The Higher Accuracy Levels 

Nowadays, the success factor of facial identification technology has reached higher levels due to its good accuracy rate. It was all possible due to the three-dimensional nature of the technology. The users of the technology have shown satisfaction with the outcomes. A safety check in the technology is that it is extremely difficult to bypass or fool. If somebody tries to attempt fraud, the client is immediately highlighted in the system and any related verification processes are halted immediately. This is important to protect the integrity of the system. It maintains trust in the clients and removes any misunderstandings. 

The Disadvantages of the Online AI Face Recognition Technology

  • The Expensive Nature of Technology 

The use of the technology requires high-quality equipment and advanced level software which is quite expensive if the company does not have that kind of financial resources. Nevertheless, there are predictions about technological up-gradation that show that the prices will go down in the future. So, customers will be able to afford the technology and use it for advancing their progress. 

  • The Privacy Issues of the Software 

There are a number of privacy issues highlighted when clients used the technology for a certain period of time. Recently, it came to the knowledge that the Victorian Government banned all educational institutes from using facial authentication technology in classrooms. It can only be used if there is permission from the guardians, students themselves, and the local Department of Education.  

A German minister wanted to use the technology for public places e.g. airports, and railway stations but there was a lot of resistance from the public, especially lawyers. Nevertheless, the minister showed his support for the latest technology with the assurance that the privacy of the people will not be violated under any kind of circumstances. 


There are a lot of privacy concerns regarding the usage of technology which can be problematic for the user because the client is required to provide information that can be stolen if proper security measures are not put in place. It is a different matter from other technologies because the technology should not be used to overstep the boundaries of the client. This is where the introduction of cooperative facial recognition technology was well-received by the people. It is because the concerns regarding privacy were dealt with easily.

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