Five December Global Holidays You Might Not Be Aware Of

December is a month packed with holiday traditions. In this article, we look at five December Global Holidays you might not be aware of, including Kwanzaa, Christmas, St. Stephen’s Day, and Human Rights Day. In addition to these celebrations, we’ll also explore Kwanzaa and Human Rights Day. Let’s get started! We’ll start with Christmas, of course, but there’s also plenty of time for a little bit of global culture in December.


December is a month filled with festive celebrations all around the world. Among the most notable events in December are Christmas and Hanukkah, which start on the 25th day of the Hebrew calendar. This festival celebrates the miracle of God’s provision. Yule is another holiday in the Christian calendar and commemorates a millennium of history. All these events occur in December, making it a great month to celebrate the importance of others in our lives.

Christmas is the main event of December for many Western nations, but December is also filled with other cultural celebrations and traditions. Here are some of the other major holidays celebrated in December:

Christmas is the most prominent December global holiday. It is a time to pay tribute to Jesus Christ, the last clear prophet. Though the genuine date of Jesus’ introduction is still uncertain, many believe that it corresponded with the winter solstice. Different nations observe this day as a social event, with many people visiting Church administrations to celebrate. Others go on a fast to reflect the spirit of Christmas. In any case, these occasions are important for the world’s society.


One of the best ways to celebrate the month of December is to join in on Kwanzaa, an African American tradition that begins on December 26 and continues for seven days. Founded by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966, Kwanzaa is a multi-day celebration that celebrates the culture and heritage of the African-American community. Observances include lighting seven candles – one for each principle – as part of the daylong celebration.

During Kwanzaa, people celebrate their culture, food, and unity. to commemorate the day. Children can learn more about Kwanzaa by reading Deborah Newton Chocolate’s book “The Magic of Kwanzaa.” The U.S. Department of Education funds Akwansosem, a newsletter for educators about global holidays. Submission deadlines are 15 September and 15 February.

Other December global holidays include Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Kwanzaa. Some are more widely celebrated than others, but the majority are celebrations of life and family. Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are two very different holidays that fall between late November and early December. In other parts of the world, Christmas is the largest holiday. And New Year’s Day is a time for giving thanks.

St. Stephen’s Day

On December 26, the world commemorates the death of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, who died after preaching for 40 days. He was killed while holding a stone that he had received from the Lord Jesus.

The feast day is celebrated in countries around the world, with the day marked as an official holiday in some countries. St. Stephen is the patron saint of Republika Srpska, one of two entities in Bosnia. The celebration of the day also became a date for matchmaking and weddings. In 1947, the celebration of St. Today, more than 20 countries honor St. Stephen’s Day as a public holiday, including the United States.

Another popular holiday is Boxing Day, which falls on December 26. In Ireland, wrens are a symbol of good luck. In addition to giving presents, many people celebrate St. Stephen’s Day by attending parties or visiting friends.

Human Rights Day

In 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the first global affirmation of human rights. Now, every year, on December 10th, people from all over the world come together to celebrate and honor these basic human rights. Here are some tips for making the most of Human Rights Day:

Celebrated on 10 December, Human Rights Day honors the passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly. This landmark document, translated into more than 500 languages, declares the inherent rights of all people. On December 10, take a few minutes to learn about your rights, and celebrate the day.

As part of December global holidays, Las Posadas recognizes the plight of the Blessed Virgin Mary while searching for a place to give birth to her child. After a long struggle, she finally found a place to call home. The shelter commemorates this occasion by recognizing and honoring those who have struggled to protect their rights.


One of the chilliest December global holidays is the Winter solstice. This holiday marks the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of the new year. Many celebrate by lighting candles and carolling in the evening. Other traditions include hanging evergreen plants in homes, decorating evergreen trees, and giving gifts to loved ones. If you’d like to celebrate this holiday, read on to learn more about how to celebrate the winter solstice!

One of the most traditional Yule celebrations involves lighting the menorah (a candlestick with nine branches, one branch holding the candle that lights the other eight). The holidays have pagan roots, but they share similarity with Christmas, which led to the creation of the yule log. Yule is an ancient pagan tradition and has roots in different cultures.

The name Yule comes from Old English geöl, which is related to the Old Norse word jol. Yule is the shortest day of the year and is the first day of winter, but it is also the most important time of year for the emergence of a new Sun King. Yule is also one of the most important winter festivals around the world.

United Arab Emirates National Day

The UAE celebrates its National Day on December 2, a national holiday that commemorates the formal unification of the seven former Trucial States. The UAE has celebrated this day since 1971, when it united with seven sheikhdoms in the Persian Gulf. On the day, local children perform folkloric dances and dress up in cultural clothing. Schools hold cultural contests and organize cultural events for students to celebrate their country.

To celebrate UAE National Day, visitors can celebrate with a holiday in Dubai, where there are 60% to 90% off on selected products. Some malls will even have a cultural band playing traditional Arabic music, making for a unique shopping experience.

The UAE National Day is an important milestone in the history of the country. The country is gearing up to celebrate its golden anniversary in 2021, when it will celebrate 50 years of independence. In addition to commemorating this historic occasion, the day also marks the Federal Consolidation of the seven Emirates that led to the current UAE. For those who wish to participate in UAE celebrations, they can book accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment.


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