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New Delhi is a well- known hub for UPSC / IAS Exam preparation. Most of the aspirants from pan India come to Delhi to prepare for Civil Services Examination. There are many aspirants who, prepare on their own also look for a upsc mock interview Panel.

In New Delhi there are many IAS Coaching institutions where they organize Mock Interview.

EDEN IAS holds a great experience in this field, as during the interview of 2020 there were many aspirants who got selected and they got same score in their UPSC Interview what they got in EDEN IAS Mock Interview, there are many toppers like Vaishali Jain UPSC CSE Rank 21, Pulkit Singh UPSC CSE Rank 26, Sandhi Jain UPSC CSE Rank 329, Ayushi Jain UPSC CSE Rank 85, Apurva Tripathi UPSC CSE Rank 68, Jayant Singh Rathore UPSC CSE Rank 59 .

EDEN IAS in association with DICS, Arrange for the interview panel in New Delhi and Gujrat regional centers. This is a FREE upsc mock interview Guidance Session, where you can find a very diverse panel of members.

Also, there are some segments like Interactive sessions on personality development, Interview specific current affairs sessions, DAF (Detailed Application Form) analysis, Feedback on your Interview, the recorded videos of your interview session and finally the one two one session with the experts.

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STAGE I – DAF Analysis and feedback. (Send us your DAF here

STAGE II– Special session on – How to prepare for Interview? | Dos and Don’ts for UPSC CSE Interview. | Interview specific Current Affairs Sessions.


4STAGE IV – Detailed (Written) interview feedback.

5STAGE V – One to one session with mentor.

Additional Support – Recorded video of the Interview, List of dependable and probable topics, situational guidance and tips to handle controversial topics.

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Support & Care – 9311092321 | 9354344200 |

Best Coaching Centre in Delhi?

Frankly speaking, this Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi concept is myth. | upsc mock interview

No one can give you guarantee of it. It is a bitter truth and we have to accept it that only our hard work can give the guarantee of success. Here Comes the time to write for us about solutions.

In the search of true guide, I fell at very wrong place called Vajiram and Reddy. In the name of syllabus completion, they did all the bullshit and didn’t even bother to tell you that you need to complete NCERTs too.

After wasting the precious time, and wandering from one website to another website in search of that true guide, I jumped to Eden IAS History classes (heard from someone). These classes were so good, that I inquired this, took admission in their Ethics ongoing batch and then joined their MISSION MAINS too.  Here I find a true mentor in Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary and Mr. Deepak Singhal. Their mentorship made me able to complete my journey.

  • Most important and positive point about this institute is that from foundation to test series to interview guidance classes, all are next level But wait!!!!… Did I tell you, that between Vajiram and EDEN IAS, I had taken some pause at other stoppages too.

Let me give you some closer analysis the classes that I have taken in the journey. | upsc mock interview

  1. Vajiram and Ravi Academy
  • It was a very old and big name in the market.
  • As one of my roommates told me (as he was the student from there) that after taking admission, first two weeks were very good and very enthusiastic. Here Comes the time to write for us about solutions.
  1. Vision IAS:

No doubt their test qualities are good, but if I have to talk about their foundation classes, it is not worth joining.

  1. GS Score:

You should not even join their test series (I joined this) let the foundation course apart….one of my friends left 2-year course in just two months


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