Gas Safety Check: Everything Homeowner Need to Know

Gas Safety Check

Gas Safety Check is different from gas services. Design to inspect equipment that consumes a lot of gas. This includes boilers, rice cookers, and lamps (fix or portable) to ensure that the equipment works properly and safely. Gas safety inspections must be perform by a certify gas safety register engineer.

What is included in the annual Gas Safety Check?

Gas Safety Check this includes Gas Safety equipment, plumbing, and vents. And the chimney deep gas safety check is design to certify the following:

  • The machine operates at the correct working pressure.
  • There is adequate ventilation and adequate combustion of the gas.
  • The fireplace and chimney are bright. Allows the machine to safely release gas and steam outside.
  • All safety devices in the machine, such as the power switch, work normally
  • If you do not inspect your gas appliances regularly, harmful gases such as carbon monoxide can enter your home.

Who Should Inspect the Gas Safety Check?

Households that use gas appliances are require to have a gas safety inspection by a gas safety registration engineer each year. Please note that Gas Safety Check is not a service option. In addition, the equipment must be service annually to operate efficiently and safely. If you have an annual service, this includes an annual security check. You do not need to do both.

Some households may be subject to free gas safety inspection. In particular, families with older people and younger children living in the dormitory. If you have a home whose benefits have been test, you should contact your energy provider to see if it offers.

Gas safety checks for homeowners

Owners of private homes, accommodation associations, beds and seating. Hosts, schools, universities, hotels, hostels and local governments have a responsibility to ensure that equipment is safe.

If you are a homeowner by law, all gas installations in your rental property are require to Gas Safety Check every year. We will provide the tenant with proof in the form of an owner’s gas safety certificate. This information is provide by the engineer and provides evidence that the equipment has been inspect by a gas safety record engineer.

As a homeowner you have to be careful, you are only responsible for checking the safety of the equipment, plumbing, and gas you provide. If the tenant provides their gas equipment, it is not responsible for certifying the safety of that device. But you may still be responsible for checking the pipes and flow.

If you need oil work at home or office

You can use the various search options on the Gas Safety certificates to find a list of public businesses that are legally allow to manage oil. You can check that your Gas Safe business is currently registere with Gas Safe by entering your business registration number (1-6 digits) or by entering the trade name.

The idea behind the move was to prevent homeowners from violating the law when access to property and gas equipment was difficult. Homeowners and administrators can start the process after April 2018 and obtain a valid Gas Safety Certificate before the old certificate expires, without affecting the renewal date.

Failure to comply with gas and other safety standards for rental properties can result in heavy fines for homeowners and even imprisonment for any problem. Therefore, comfort is welcome by homeowners during the reign. However, harassment is less acceptable to enforcement agencies. This includes the municipality and the Health and Safety Authority (HSE).

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