Here’s What Are The Advantages Of Sliding Doors

Advantages Of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be a beautiful addition to your home and can offer a stylish and aesthetically appealing look to it. Since sliding doors are wider, they ensure an easy passage and entry point.

The doors can easily bifurcate a room with large, open spaces into smaller, private areas. Also, sliding doors, unlike traditional doors do not take up extra space when opened, creating a non-cluttered look while also maximizing the space indoors. 

Read on to know more about the various aspects and advantages sliding doors offer. 

What are Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors have large glass panes that extend from the ground to the ceiling. It maximizes access to natural light in all seasons and weather. These types of doors are made from different materials, including wood, UPVC, and aluminum. Sliding doors are also available in different styles to match varying user needs.

How Does a Sliding Door Operate?

Sliding doors are easy to operate as the panels slide back and forth with the help of a simple pull along with a set of horizontal rails. The doors made from aluminum are lighter in weight and hence easier to operate. TOSTEM INDIA is one of the largest suppliers of aluminum sliding doors and offers a wide range of varieties and styles to match the diverse and unique needs of homeowners. 

Where Are Sliding Doors Used?

Sliding doors have lately become popular in offices, hospitals and clinics, hotels, conference rooms, and even contemporary homes owing to their sleek look and durability. These types of doors are a perfect choice for maintaining a sufficient inflow of natural light and ensuring proper ventilation. The kind of versatility and utility they offer also make them one of the most preferred housing products. 

Benefits of Sliding Doors

Let us now talk about some of the advantages that one can avail by installing sliding doors:

Energy Efficient 

Sliding doors, especially the ones offered by TOSTEM INDIA are highly energy-efficient and can keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer. The doors effectively act as a weather and sound buffer, keeping your home safe from dust, wind, and rain. The doors offered by these leading fenestration product manufacturers feature patented TEXGURD technology, which further enhances their energy efficiency. The doors are also tested for wind, air, water, and noise insulation to ensure better temperature regulation indoors.

Environment Friendly 

Sliding door frames are usually preferred with aluminum frames which is an eco-friendly material. This means that these doors can be easily recycled over and over again, making them an amazing sustainable alternative. 

Space Saver

Traditional doors that open outwards or indoors tend to take up additional space. Sliding doors help to solve this problem which makes them a great pick for smaller spaces. The doors eliminate the need for door arcs or the extra space for keeping the door panels open. The door panels of sliding doors slide over one another when opened and are stacked neatly in the door frame. This makes even a small room look more spacious as the doors take up only minimal space. 

Safety and Security

Security is one of the most important considerations while investing in fenestration products. Luckily, there are a wide range of safety features, including shatterproof safety glass and hook over locking mechanism available in sliding doors. 

In addition to these safety features, sliding doors by TOSTEM INDIA also offer protection from harmful UV rays. The TEXGUARD technology and anodized coating on the doors minimize the penetration of UV rays while only allowing clean filtered light to pass through.

Ease Of Use 

Sliding doors can be moved effortlessly on their tracks ensuring a smooth operation with minimum effort. The doors offered by renowned manufacturers such as TOSTEM INDIA are made from aluminum and designed to resist the accumulation of dust and debris which further enhances the overall functionality of the doors. All you need to do is wipe the panels with a moist cloth to help them retain their shine and appeal. Unlike wooden doors, users do not need to get the doors polished or reframed.


Sliding doors are extremely versatile and can instantly enhance the look and feel of any space while also enhancing its functionality. We hope that the above details offered you all the necessary information regarding sliding doors and how they can prove to be a lucrative investment for your home. 

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