How do Memory Games for Senior Citizens Help improve Their Quality of Life?

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Everyone thinks that physical fitness is enough to stay fit and healthy. But it is also important to note that mental health is also essential important as physical health. These mental health symptoms are usually found among senior citizen who is above the age of 55 years old. Some of the common mental health issues usually found in senior citizens are forgetfulness, weak memory and nerve disorder. It is essential to take precautions against these diseases, otherwise these might lead to severe mental health issues among the adults such as Alzheimer’s. Another common health issue usually found among senior citizens or adults is dementia disease which is confusion, inability to speak clearly and forgetfulness. Therefore it is essential to have the proper mental care among the senior citizen. Memory games for senior citizens play an important role in improving their memory and maintaining proper health.  You will also find most of the retirement home in India where senior citizen loves to stay tend to focus on these games which helps keep senior citizen engaged and connected to each other. 

Below is the list of the Best memory games for senior citizens which help them boost their memory and help in improving their mental health.

 Top 5 Memory Games for Senior Citizens

Here are the list of the Best Memory Games for Older Persons. 

  1. Board Games 

Board games are something that every senior citizen person loves to play, no matter how old they are. The board games are convenient and are easily understandable to them. These board games come in plenty of different formats. The best part about the board games for seniors is they cannot play it alone, and this eventually gives them chances to interact with each and helps them keep the Foundation with others. It keeps them engaged and their brain mature. 

The board’s games help keep their mind-challenging without generating the thought of the frustration. If you are looking for mental games for senior citizen who is suffering the severe mental health issue like Dementia or Alzheimer then you should choose board games that are difficult to complete or take alot of time to solve. 

  1. Switch it Up 

One of the other popular games you can recommend to senior citizens suffering from mental health issues is switching it up. The switch it up is an entirely free mental game for seniors, which does not require anything. The catch of this game is that you have to use your non-dominant hand to complete all the primary tasks you usually do throughout your complete routine.  

  1. Do you Remember

Here’s another excellent fun game for senior citizens to Put your memory to the test. Just make a list of things you want to remember, such as your grocery list or the following ten books you want to read, then memorize it. Just s see how many items from the list you can remember one hour later. The higher the number of items on the list, the tough the greater workout of your brain. 

  1. Jig Saw Puzzle 

Jigsaw puzzles are the best way to exercise the brain of the elder citizen. The games require strategy along with the IQ and problem-solving abilities to complete. The popular games come in varying difficulty levels, ranging from a few dozen to several hundred pieces, make them the best memory game for senior citizens.

  1. The Book Game 

If you are a senior citizen and love reading books, this brain game you will going to love. Reading is the best way to increase your brainpower. It’s a highly stimulating exercise, and research has shown that the stimulating activity slows cognitive loss in the brain. Research hasn’t indicated exactly what sorts of books you should read, so read any genre you choose, whether it’s romance, science fiction, or nonfiction. 

These board games plays an important role in the life of the senior citizen, especially when they are alone or suffering from various mental issues. Therefore, Dignity lifestyle ( Retirement home in India ) knows the importance of mental health. It is the best retirement home with medical care plans various activities which helps in improving mental conditions through various game activities. 


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