How much does a linguist earn?


There are quite a few interesting professions that are intertwined with the language and its study. So, for example, it will be possible to say about linguistics. Such a science studies languages ​​and their representatives. A person who studies this science is called a linguist. He can work in a wide variety of fields, ranging from a banal translator to a public relations manager in a large company. There are many options. Moreover, a linguist can work both for himself and fulfill other people’s orders for money. So how much does a linguist earn? Is everything good or, on the contrary, bad? To be sorted out.

Factors affecting the income of a linguist

To determine how much linguists earn in Pakistan, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria that can affect their income. This is a set of factors:

Field of activity. 

This is probably the most important factor of all that can affect the income of a linguist. This was mentioned at the very beginning of the article. A linguist can work as a public relations manager or as a freelancer. For example, he can take the position of editor and check various articles for literacy and errors. There are a lot of job options and depending on which one is chosen, the final income also varies.

An experience. 

Another factor that can affect the final income of a linguist is his previous work experience. The more experienced the specialist, the more willingly companies and other people will work with him. Still, any business is interested in finding an already specialized and self-realized specialist, rather than taking a beginner and trying to train him.


The next path that can affect the income of linguists is his education. At a minimum, such a specialist can receive a secondary special or higher education. The second is valued more, but this factor cannot catastrophically affect income.

Region of work. 

This is not surprising: in Islamabad and Lahore, linguists earn more money than in any other city. The difference between wages can reach up to two or more times.

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It is also important to remember here: a linguist is one of the few specialists who are always in demand on the labor market and can find a suitable job for himself. The question is only in wages and scope of work.

Salary of a linguist in Pakistan

To find out the estimated income of a linguist, you need to refer to sites with vacancies. Based on them, the conclusion suggests itself: he can earn about 35 thousand rupees in one calendar month. Greater wages are offered in the following cities:

  • Karachi.
  • Lahore.
  • Multan.
  • Islamabad.

If we take Islamabad and Lahore, then a good linguist can earn from 60 to 100 thousand rupees there. Sometimes the numbers can be even more attractive, but this is rare.

If we take a linguist who works as an editor, then he will be offered an approximate salary of 40 thousand rupees. This is true both for employment in real life and the Internet.

A manager who communicates with the public on behalf of a company can earn from 70 to 150 thousand rupees, and this is far from the limit. It will be problematic to find such a job, but such an opportunity still exists.

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