How much does a physical education teacher earn

physical education

A school teacher in Pakistan earns about 20,000 rupees a month, which is below the regional average. Moreover, in Islamabad, earnings reach 60 thousand, and in Lahore- up to 30 thousand and more. To earn really good money, you can gain experience in a municipal institution, and then get a job in a private school or boarding school with a sports bias.

How much does a teacher earn in different regions?

Most of all, a physical education teacher receives in Islamabad – here the average salary is 61 thousand rupees. In Lahore, the figure is significantly lower and reaches 30 thousand. If you pay attention to the regions, you can make the following rating:

  • Karachi 50 thousand
  • Murree 37 thousand people
  • Faisalabad 35 thousand
  • Multan 35 thousand people
  • Peshawar 30 thousand
  • Lala Musa 30 thousand people
  • Jhelum 29 thousand people
  • Quetta 29 thousand people

How to increase income

As you can see, even in the most economically developed regions, the salary of an athlete is not high. As a rule, he receives less than subject teachers (mathematics, Pakistan, computer science, and others). However, you can increase your salary by 1.5 or even 2 times. There are several methods for this:

  • professional development – for individual achievements, length of service, bonuses, additional payment,s, and other allowances are relied upon;
  • get a job in a general education school with a sports bias (often these are boarding schools) – working here is not only more profitable but also more interesting;
  • combine work with another type of activity (for example, in the evening, work as a fitness trainer, sports masseur);
  • get a job in a private school, where salaries are always higher than in a municipal institution.

Is it necessary to get a higher education?

physical education
physical education

Becoming a physical education teacher is not difficult – for this it is enough to get a secondary vocational education. But to be successful in your field, it is important to have a desire to work with children. The work is quite interesting, although complex, requires knowledge of the subject and communication skills.

Of course, you can also graduate from a university, for example, to master the specialty “Therapeutic exercise” or “Technology of sports training.” Getting a job at a public school is quite simple – you can get here immediately after high school because they take you without work experience. Getting into a private school or a boarding school with a sports bias is more difficult – they require work experience, a portfolio with individual achievements.

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