How To Change A Door Knob And Keep The Same Key

change a door knob

Can You Rekey Your Locks To Match An Existing Key?

Our customers frequently find themselves in a scenario where they have purchased a property, but one or two locks in residence require a different key than the key that operates the rest of the locks. Or maybe they don’t have a key for one or two of the locks.

It occurs when the previous owner purchased and fitted new locks, generally to repair a damaged lock.

But you, the new homeowner, want a single key to open all the locks in the house. Therefore, You may contact key duplication in Chicago.

When all of your locks have the same keyway, you may rekey them to match an existing key. You may verify whether the locks utilize the same keyway by inserting the existing key you wish to use into the keyholes of the locks you want to match that key. If it slides in, they may be re-keyed to work with your existing key. If the key does not fit into the lock, it is a different brand with a different keyway. Therefore, you cannot convert that lock to a function with the existing key.

The low points of the Kwikset do not correspond to the low points of the Schlage. As a result, you cannot insert a Kwikset key into a Schlage lock. Similarly, you cannot insert a Schlage  into a Kwikset lock. So, you cannot rekey these two locks to match one another’s existing keys.

Keyways By Kwikset vs. Schlage

If the locks have the same keyway, you can rekey them using any of the methods listed below:

Have Them Re-keyed At The Store Where You Purchased Them

When you acquire hardware from a locksmith, they frequently rekey the locks to match. Some big-box businesses do it, but they may charge for it. You may rekey them at any of our four Arizona Lock Shops.

Purchase a home re-keying kit. Rekey kits are available if you wish to do the process yourself. However, you should be aware that re-keying requires some experience and patience. If you have one or two locks, it may not be worth your time to install them yourself.

Take them to a locksmith service and have them re-keyed if you got them online or if they were there when you acquired the home. You can relock Various lock brands to the same keys.

Even though different firms build locks, numerous employ the same or similar-enough keyways that a key from one can operate the other.

Picking up the phone and calling a locksmith is an easy but costly alternative for making all of your doors open with the same key. However, you may be able to save a significant amount of money by making a small time commitment. For this purpose, contact lock repair and replacement in Hillside. 

Any solution you pick may need the purchase of new doorknobs and locks, so bring your locks to the store so they can inform you if all of your present locks can be re-keyed to the same key.

How To Install A Doorknob:

1st Step

Take away the doorknobs and deadbolts. Keep the door slightly ajar. Remove the two screws that are located on the inside of the doorknob. Remove the external portion of the doorknob while leaving the inside half in place. Secure this knob’s key to the knob using wire.

2nd Step

Repeat with the remaining doorknobs. Connect each key to its doorknob.

3rd Step

Take out the two screws located on the inside of the deadbolts. Remove the deadbolt’s two halves. Set aside the inside half. You need to wire each key to the outside half of its matching lock.

Locks Must Be Re-keyed And Re-installed

1st Step

Bring all knobs, locks, and keys to a home improvement store. Enquire whether they can be re-keyed to the same key and get pricing for re-keying the locks. Compare that to the cost of purchasing new locks (not new knobs).

2nd Step

Rekey the existing locks or purchase new locks and re-key them to the same key. Make additional keys as needed. Return to your house.

3rd Step 

Carefully wiggle the re-keyed door knobs into the exterior side of the doors while holding both parts of the doorknob. (Only replace the inner half of the doorknobs if you got new locks.) You need to replace the two inner screws. Rep the process with the deadbolts and attach screws.


Most home improvement stores will re-key locks for free if purchased fresh. When disassembling the doorknobs, you may leave the inside half of the knobs since they stay in place. On the other hand, the deadbolts want to fall out of the door, so keep them aside. You do not need to take any of the locks’ inside halves to a home improvement store.


In conclusion, we can say that it is possible to change a door knob and keep the same key. However,  you need to be careful during the process of changing a door knob.

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