How To Check Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility On Mobile 2022

How To Check Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility On Mobile 2022



In the present era, Facebook has become the largest social networking site. People from all leading countries are present on this platform, and some earn handsome amounts from pages. However, a Facebook page needs to meet some criteria that make it eligible for monetization.


If you are a regular Facebook user and aim to earn money, this article can help you. Here, you can learn the proper procedure to check if your Facebook page is eligible for monetization. Moreover, you can go through the Partner Monetization Policies that make a page eligible for monetization.


For now, you can check out the procedure to find out if your Facebook page is eligible for monetization. Take a look below:


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Procedure to check Facebook page monetization eligibility


You can check the monetization eligibility of your Facebook page from both your system and mobile. However, the general process remains the same in both cases. All you need to do is follow the steps given here:


Step 1: Visit the creator studio


A Creator Studio is present on Facebook, and people can easily access it from the dashboard. It provides you the chance to monetize your posts and pages on the platform. Moreover, you can also manage and execute performance tracking on Facebook.


As a business-minded Facebook user, you should always check the Creator Studio from your mobile and choose new opportunities to monetize a page. Amazingly, the Creator Studio also keeps track of the number of posts on Facebook and Instagram.


Remember that access to Creator Studio would only be possible if you have a Facebook page. So, you must always create one. This studio also enables you to check the monetization eligibility if you have multiple pages on Facebook.


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Step 2:  Search or the Monetization tab


You can search for the Monetization tab on the Creator Studio and click on it. Generally, this tab comes as a part of a list on the mobile. Once you click on it, checking the monetization status of your page becomes easier. In the case of multiple pages, however, you need to choose the one you need to check.


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Step 3: Check the result


After you click on the monetization tab and select a particular Facebook page, the results instantly come to you. Generally, you can see the results in color codes. Given below are the color codes and the condition of the page they denote:


Red: If the monetization tab shows your page with the red color code, consider it unfit for monetization. You should solve all the issues and check if the color changes to yellow or green.

Yellow: The yellow color code on your FB page restricts it from being monetized due to the presence of a few issues. You can solve them accordingly and start earning money.


Green: The green color code on your Facebook page indicates that it fits monetization. So, you can expect to get money from it. All you need to do in this case is keep on posting.


So, this is the way to check the Facebook page monetization eligibility. Of course, you can only expect things to go well if your FB page satisfies the Partner Monetization Policies. Also, you must be aware of deleting the cache-related files from your mobile like com.facebook.katana.


Now, it is time to know about the Partner Monetization Policies that every FB page must satisfy to earn money. There are several clauses in the policy, and here, you can go through them factually:


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The Partner Policies of Facebook


Many Facebook users consider it quite tough to earn money from Facebook. The main reason behind it is their failure to satisfy the Partner Policies. Here are the clauses that you must keep in mind while managing a page on FB.

  • All content on FB should be from an eligible surface
  • The page-owner should reside in an eligible country to expect eligibility for Facebook Page Monetization
  • To make sure all content on a page satisfies the community standards of Facebook
  • To know and follow every small detail regarding the content monetization policy of Facebook
  • Page-owners should always share authentic content from the Facebook page
  • All Facebook pages should have original content
  • Avoid audience from third-party providers to consume content from an FB page.
  • Avoid manufactured sharing and massive cross-posting of content from an FB page.
  • Maintain the payment terms of Facebook
  • Every page-owner to follow the FB rules regarding governments and politicians
  • To develop an established presence before expecting page monetization
  • All content creators to satisfy the FB terms related to groups, events, and pages
  • To connect only with the entities for on-page FB content that follows all the rules of Facebook


Now, it is normal for most FB page-owners to fail to satisfy all the Facebook Partner Monetization Policy clauses. This occurs mainly due to their negligence towards going through the standards and policies.


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At times, a page or a post can experience a situation of demonetization on Facebook. As a result, the page owner becomes unable to earn against that specific video content. Generally, this happens due to the violation of the following:


  • Content Monetization Policies on Facebook
  • Facebook Community Standards
  • Partner Monetization Policies


In case of a demonetization, the page owner can submit an appeal to the reviews team of Facebook. So, if you ever face such a situation, expect to get a message from the Facebook team within a week. However, keep in mind that the appeal for a single page demonetization can be placed only once. So, you should be careful about what you publish from your page.


Finally, you should beware of temporary or permanent deletion of your page in case of repeated violations of the community standards. Even if your page gets deleted temporarily, it might lose all its reach.


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Final Words

Checking FB page monetization eligibility can be relevant only if you have an FB page with a high reach. You should always put effort into making your page eligible for monetization. Otherwise, there is always a trap for the yellow and red color codes.


If you are addicted to Facebook and know how the platform works, always try monetization. Nevertheless, you need appropriate content and an audience to get the game going. Try taking the help from inventhelp facebook to mold your idea.

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