How to choose a set of knives?

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The first thing you should focus on when choosing a set of knives is the range of applications. If you are looking for easy and understandable dishes that do not take much time to create, you are unlikely to need a kit with tools for chopping meat joints and opening shelled seafood.

Brand and manufacturer

The next criterion to consider is the brand and manufacturer. The leaders in the market of kitchen knives are German and Japanese manufacturers, high-quality sets can be found in the range of brands Wusthof, Zwilling, WMF, Yaxell, Global, and Tand mojito. Excellent value for money sets is offered by the British brand Robert Welch.

Blade material

Blade material is a determining factor influencing the quality and price of knives. Stainless steel knives are very popular. They sharpen quickly, rarely break and become dull. The modern market offers different options: forged and rolled steel. 

Forged steel is of special quality and more expensive. Ceramic knives have an attractive design, they have a hard blade that stays sharp for a long time, they are light and do not rust, but they are not as strong and durable as steel ones, they do not tolerate breaking loads, they are not suitable for cutting hard and frozen foods. These knives are in the middle price segment, and those who opt for black ceramic should be prepared to pay more.

Product quality

Another marker of product quality is the handle material. Steel is considered the best material. A knife with a steel handle, with proper care and use, can last a very long time. Wooden handles also have advantages: they do not slip in the hand, which guarantees safety, and they have an attractive appearance. 

However, knives with handles made of precious wood – ebony, oak, Karelian birch, etc. can be very expensive. A practical alternative to expensive wooden handles – modern plastic handles – stabilized wood, acetal resin, reinforced polyamide, etc. They do not absorb odors, do not slip, and are hygienic and stylish.

General recommendations that will be needed when choosing a set:

  • Pay attention to the steel marking and the country of origin;
  • It is better to choose a set with a stand, thanks to which the knives will always be in their place;
  • Hold the knife in your hand: this is how you check its weight, balance, and determine the convenience – is it suitable for you personally for regular use;
  • Please note that the knives included in the set can be purchased separately, this will come in handy if one of the knives fails;
  • Trust only trusted manufacturers. Well-known brands value their reputation, so the chance to buy low-quality products or marriage is minimal. Buy knives only from authorized dealers to buy original products, not fakes.


It is important to be confident in your knife because it is he who largely determines your culinary victories.

We hope that our advice will help you not to get lost in the variety of sets. Identify your needs and make a choice in favor of knives that will delight you for many years!

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