How to create the attention that Instagram gifts provide?

Do you want to reward your followers on Instagram but don’t know how to do it? In this post we give you some suggestions on how to make a giveaway on Instagram a success.

How to create the attention that Instagram gifts provide?

When we declare a gift on a social network, in this case Instagram, we are referring to the dynamics of getting randomly selected after he has completed a few steps. Notice that gifts are one of the best weapons to increase engagement, strengthen your real Instagram followers and increase your sales, believe it or not, why? Because you create trust and empathy to your brand or business. offers the best fastest and cheapest Instagram service on the internet forget about all the websites. Getting likes and real followers has never easier we do all the work for you. Organic followers that don’t hurt your engagement rates. When you buy Instagram followers UK.

Now that you know the importance of these types of promotions and how they can help you in your social media marketing plan, let’s go through the steps to create a winning prize:

  • Select the product service you want to offer. It’s important that the award is a spotlight among your audience, that is, a favorite; Or, in that case, new stuff in your business that you want to explain; Also remember that the award should be representative of your brand business, so you can apply the brand with it.
  • Choose the way that works for you. The most common are via likes, comments and mentions, in which the user indicates that he likes your publication and mentions his friends in the comments. How do you rate that? The more often you comment and mention people, the more chances you must win.
  • This type of modality keeps users expected and hooked, which will cause them to want to constantly collect comments, therefore, the view of your profile will be extended to other users.
  • Rely on the device. There are many applications that can simplify this process. These include Cool Tabs, Easy promos, or Social Gest.
  • These tools help you manage your social media marketing campaigns, including running prizes on Instagram and Facebook through their platform, thanks to the fact that they have an automated system for this type of procedure.
  • Set boundaries. Tell your participants about the rules of the game. Many times, the Instagram algorithm is part of that work; However, there are restrictions that you must apply, such as NOT mentioning public figures.
  • Now, the funniest part is to come: Choose who wins! The tools mentioned above help you to carry out this task by providing a certificate of validity indicating the person is lucky.
  • Don’t be a requirement that users who are mentioned by your followers follow you. This is a suggestion that you should apply, because for participants this is an unpleasant and unlikely step to complete, so avoid putting it in your gift.

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How do I give the gift I want?

True, it is a question that we all ask ourselves when planning. gift on Instagram and Facebook for free. Stop worrying that these are some key tips.

Invest and reach a wider audience

Many believe in doing a free Instagram gift, but the reality is the process for monetizing a profile involves investment. By relying on the tools that a business account on Instagram offers you, and go for paid advertising or ADS, we ensure that you will reach twice the number of potential customers who advertise your posts rather than not, because you say the algorithm offers your product or service according to user interests of course.

Establish a solid legal foundation

For your publication to be recognized by social networks, and therefore that it does not harm its achievement, there are some Instagram policy rules for prizes that you must abide by; This will also avoid the possibility of problems or errors when promoting that can affect its reach or proximity to the target audience. Here is our list of them:

  1. You are solely responsible for ensuring its functionality for publication or promotion.
  2. Instagram will not assist you to manage promotions or advise you about the legal interactions of users.
  3. Instagram is not responsible for handling user participation, that is, if something is wrong or there are offensive comments, the social network will not be responsible for that incident.

Create alliances with public figures

Influencers have become a phenomenon when spreading a brand, business, or company on social networks; And it’s something that every Social Media Manager knows well, since an Influencer can be your right side in promoting your campaign. It likes, has a lot of followers, publishes, and has a lot of comments, opinions, and shares, and it sets the desired target to attract; so, do not hesitate to contact with public figures to introduce yourself in the market.

Giveaways and contests Are they the same?

We cannot complete this post without clarifying something that often confuses many Social Media Managers. It happens that some people think that “lottery and contest” are two terms that are the same and even consider them synonymous, when in fact, they are not.

A raffle, as we described above, is a dynamic where the winner is selected at random after ensuring that he or she obeys the rules or steps, while in a contest, the winner is the one who manages to achieve the goal, for example, the most liked photo or the funniest video.

Now if you notice the difference. They go together but they are not the same. It’s important for you to remember that each has a specific function, and you need to observe how people react to each to know which one is most suitable for you, because not all profiles work the same tool; However, this will also depend on the type of product or service you are going to offer and the season in which you will be conducting the promotion.

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