How to Earn Cashback When Buy Samsung Mobile?

How to earn cashback when buy Samsung mobile?

Purchasing a new phone with the latest features is no longer a big decision in the present fast world. Ecommerce solutions and lending institutions together have made it convenient and affordable. 

Generally, most individuals keep changing their smartphones after 2-3 years. Modern technology-based smartphones offer utilities, from high-resolution displays, powerful batteries, higher storage, and larger screens to futuristic designs. Smartphones can be used to capture 4-8K videos, share data quickly, play near reality games, control smart devices and, of course, take academic classes or join classes to learn new skills. 

One can find a wide range of top-rated smartphones in the market. Among those from Samsung is the preference for the best smartphone experience. 

If you want a new version of the Samsung phone but are held back owing to its price, the No Cost EMI mobile option is for you. Have the latest Samsung mobile at all times regardless of its cost. 

Lending institutions have made it convenient to buy the latest mobile phone easily online at big discounts and cashback. They are partnered with trusted companies like Samsung and keep offering attractive cashback offers. One can explore these reputed financial companies to purchase a Samsung phone on EMI.

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy A53 5G, Galaxy Tab S8. In the Samsung Blue Fest Sale, customers have unlocked great deals of cashback and discounts with easy no cost EMI options. 

Why No cost EMI option 

An individual needs to be familiar with standard EMI. It refers to credit purchases on EMI with interest. Most banks charge interest costs on their credit and debit cards. Instead of paying such interest, one can opt for no-cost EMI options.

You pay just the phone price when you opt for Zero Cost EMI on mobiles. There is no interest that you normally pay to your bank on personal loans or credit cards. It is like an instant discount that saves your money. 

  • No credit history is required.
  • There is no down payment to buy mobile phones on EMI.
  • The interest rate on laptop EMIs is 0% without extra costs over the basic price.
  • You can choose a convenient repayment tenure, between 3 – 24 months.

How do you avail of Zero Cost EMI and cashback on mobile purchases? 

On the official portal of the lending institution: 

  1. Log in to the financing company using the registered mobile number
  2. Add the desired Samsung mobile phone to the cart, select an easy repayment tenor for you and proceed to checkout.
  3. Register delivery address.
  4. Generate OTP verifying it to complete the purchase.
  5. The partner store will send you the SMS to confirm the date and time of delivery.

On the official website of Samsung:

  1. Go to the product page and select the phone you want to purchase at its official website of Samsung. 
  2. Check if the ‘No Cost EMI’ option and cashback offer is available for the desired phone and cashback offer as well. 
  3. If there is a cashback offer, click on ‘Buy Now’ to proceed to check-out.
  4. On the payment page, select the ‘No Cost EMI’ offer for payment options.
  5. Choose the specific EMI option at which the cashback offer is available
  6. Complete the purchase.

While shopping for Samsung products on EMI online with emilife, you can avail of great deals and discounts on your online purchases. Discounts and No Cost EMI Offers on Samsung mobiles are also available at physical retail outlets using  the emilife no-cost EMI option. 

What to Consider

  • Cashback offer applicability: Most of the time, companies offer cashback for specific EMI options. Generally, it is applicable on EMIs of three, six, nine and twelve months tenure.
  • Transaction Eligibility: Companies offer cashback and discounts on EMI transactions. Customers can enjoy additional cashback only on no-cost EMI offers of partner lending institutions.
  • Maximum Cashback: There will be a maximum cashback on the minimum purchase, and a transaction per card is allowed to be befitted during the offer period.
  • Cashback Credit in Account: There will be a period after which the cashback will get credited to the customer’s account.

Thus, customers can finance the latest Samsung phone on EMI without interest. If you have been eyeing a phone for a long time, you can look if it is now available under Zero Cost EMI. Fulfil your shopping Wishlist on No Cost EMIs within a few minutes in physical stores or online stores.

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