How To Get A Mobile Phone On EMI Without Credit Card

Nowadays mobile phones have become an absolute necessity and everyone strives to own a mobile. Thanks to the availability of good quality, durable and feature-rich mobiles at prices starting from Rs. 5,000, many people are able to purchase a mobile phone for personal use. However, there are many people who still desire to buy a more expensive and reliable mobile phone but do not have sufficient cash readily available to purchase it immediately.

If you don’t have a credit card, one of the most common ways that people buy mobile on easy EMI is via credit card. However, not everyone has their own credit card or can use a family member for making purchases. In fact, it’s been reported that less than 2% of all Indians own a credit card. If you find yourself in such a scenario, there are still ways you can buy mobile on EMI without credit card, which we’ll discuss below.

This article will show you how to buy phones on EMI without a credit card. Consumer durable loans are personal loans for purchasing household necessities such as fridge, AC, washing machine, electronics, and so on. They’re readily available at banks and NBFCs which can provide fast approval and disbursal, at low interest rates and easy repayment options.

There are two options to buy mobile online on EMI: Get a debit card that supports EMI facility. Nowadays, large banks such as Bank and others are offering their customers the facility of buying things with EMI, including mobile phones. If you don’t have a credit card, debit cards may be your best bet. Visit any of the bank’s nearby branches and get yourself a debit card that supports EMI and also provides Internet services. Ensure that you check the loan EMIs before applying for a credit card. The banking software will take care of the rest. Once approved, purchase the phone using your new card over a network of websites such as Snapdeal and Flipkart that support EMI payments via debit cards.

You can also opt for a third option for purchasing a smartphone on EMI- and EMI card. This is a type of product in which the borrower is given a pre-approved loan, and any purchase made becomes converted into easy EMIs. Many banks and lenders that provide consumer durable loans can provide the EMI card facility.

Buying a mobile on EMI without a credit card is easy at The absence of any initial cash does not make your purchase impossible. Just log into, browse for the phone you want to buy, and select the EMI plan that you want to opt for from the list of plans that are displayed on the screen. On payment confirmation, the selected mobile phone will be shipped to you within 2- 5 business days. So check out the range of mobiles available at our e-store today!

If you want to get a loan without the hassle of spending all day at the bank or submitting piles of documentation, Upwards is here with an online loan application to help. Our secure website and system let you apply for your mobile loan in just five minutes. Once you’ve submitted your application, our specialist will get back to you within 24 hours about your approval status!” easily get mobile on EMI without a credit card in India by using pinelabs.

One of the best features of getting an EMI mobile phone without a credit card is that you can choose between a 6 month or even a 3 years repayment tenure. Also, when taking an EMI on a longer repayment tenure, the monthly EMI amount can get reduced and therefore become affordable.

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