How to hack a mobile phone without any software?

Hacking a phone seems easy when using software services. The software helps a lot in the hacking
process. However, the hacking process seems complicated if you are not using any software or
application to hack. If you are planning to hack someone's cell phone without using any software, here
are some simple methods that you can use to hack it effectively. These methods will help you spy on a
phone without installing any software on the phone. You will be able to access all the information within
a minute without any hassle.
There are a few different types of spy apps and most of them tend to be more invasive than necessary.
This article will teach you how to hack someone's phone without touching it, making it great for when
you want to gather information on the person without giving away any physical evidence.

How to hack someone's phone

The most basic way to hack someone's phone is by simply installing a piece of software on their device.
This software can be said to have the same capabilities as a keylogger, but it will stop functioning after
the person has turned off their phone or computer. It can also be used for much more complex hacks,
such as using an app to take screenshots of messages, track text messages, and even record calls.

These methods have proven effective in hacking a cell phone. They will help you access the phone of
your children and your partner without them noticing. So here are these simple but effective methods
that you can use to successfully hack your phone.

How to hack a mobile phone without installing software

1. iCloud Account

This method is equally effective and works great for all iPhones and iPads. The method does not use
software. It is the easiest and simplest method and you can hack an iPhone without any software. You
will not have any problem with this method, it is free and easy to use. All you need to use this method is
the target's iCloud credentials. Without these credentials, you will not use this technique. If you want to
use this method, you can access iCloud from your tablet or desktop computer at Now, you

will be required to key in the iCloud credentials. Since the iPhone is connected to an account, it can hack
into any activity like call logs, contracts, emails, browsing history, social media, and more. In case the
phone is not connected to the cloud account, the technology will not work.

2. Hacking App
This is one of the most effective methods to use when hacking any type of phone. Many people use
these apps to hack their partner's or child's phone and access any information. Some apps like
TheTruthSpy help to monitor your target’s phone efficiently without their knowledge. Most of the time,
these apps are specially designed to hack any type of phone and have powerful functions to help users
perform the operation successfully without being noticed. You can hack SMS, media, social media,
browsing history and calls with these apps.

3. use of google Accounts
One method that people don’t know about but works just fine. In this technique, you will not be asked
to use any software or tool. All you are required to do is to take advantage of google accounts. While
this technique only works with android phones and tablets. You are required not to pay anything to use
this method. It’s a free hacking technique. Since many android phones are linked to a google account to
use it properly, you may take advantage of this and hack one’s phone. If you are familiar with the
target's google account credentials, you can quickly hack it. You can use your computer and open a
Google account. You must enter the password to log in. Now you can hack the phone and its activities.
With this method, you will be exposed to their contacts, phone location, media, social media, and email.
However, if the mobile phone is not linked to a Google account, this technique may not work.
4. Brute Force Attack
Another simpler technique to help you hack into someone's phone. You don't need to use any software
to hack someone's phone. This method will work well and effectively. Before applications and software
were introduced, many people used this method to spy on their children and partners. You do not need
any equipment, knowledge or skill to use this method. All you have to do is guess the target's phone lock
password and secretly open it. Since there are different locking options, this technique will work well.

For those people who are using face locks, they can as well easily unlock the phone. You may as well
unlock the phone with their fingerprint once they are asleep. For those who are using a pattern,
password, or pin, you have to secretly monitor how they key in the password. As soon as you enter; You
can easily use it to hack. While this is one of the most effective techniques, it doesn't leave you enough
time to check the phone.

5. Utilize WiFi Sniffer
These are just efficient and ethical hacking tools that many hackers use to check for network
vulnerabilities. But in case you have remarkable technical knowledge in various fields, you may prefer
this Wi-Fi tracking tool to remotely hack any cell phone. Many of these tracking applications are
currently available on the Internet. These tools are also known as wireless packet sniffers and they fully
monitor all incoming and outgoing cell phone information. This can give you some important details
about what they are doing on the internet.

6. Through the use of a Link

Many people underestimate this method, but it works very well. You can hack any kind of phone with
this technique without using any software. All you have to use is a link that will entice the target person
to click on it and then access the phone. Just send this link to the target person via SMS or email. If the
target clicks on it, it will immediately download an app on their phone. The target person will not know.
After that, you can now access all the information you want.

Why do people use spy apps?

There are many reasons why someone might want to spy on another person's phone. Some people
might want to know if their partner is cheating on them, others might be worried that they're being
spied on, or they might just want to find out what their partner is up to. Most of the time, people use
these apps for good reason and there are no ill effects of using them, but if you're worried about your
safety, make sure you get permission from the person you're spying on before installing any of these

Recordings to get evidence of cheating

It can be difficult to prove your partner is cheating, and not everyone has a recording device like a
phone. Luckily, there are good ways to get good evidence without having to use a phone. For starters,
you can secretly install software on their computer. This is one of the easiest ways because you don't
need explicit permission from them. You can also use hidden cameras or microphones that will provide
evidence that they were cheating without any trouble at all.

Spy apps for kids

There are many apps that can be used to spy on someone's phone and monitor their activity. However,
the best spy app for kids is usually one that is easy to download and use with any modern OS, doesn't

cost a lot of money, and requires minimal effort. The best kids app for spying on your child's GPS
location is also safe because it uses parental control features such as time limits or disabling access to
certain apps.

Free spy app options

There are lots of free spy apps but they are not all created equally. Some apps use technology that is
outdated or that has been hacked, while others are simple to use and don't have any problems. The best
option to find a spy app is to do some research online and find one that has good reviews and is
available for download. Using free app, you hire a professional hacker to hack a mobile phone without
touching it

Final verdict

Now with these techniques, you will be able to hack any phone without using software. Every method
works just fine, it's up to you to choose a good method that will best suit your needs. These methods
will not be easily recognizable, and you can hack the target’s phone without them having any idea. Also,
these methods don’t require you to have any expertise or knowledge, with your small IT knowledge, you
can easily use any of the methods above, hack the phone you want and check every information you

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