How to use a chef’s knife

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The cooking knife is one of your most important assets when it comes to your kitchen utensils. You will go to his house and cut vegetables. come to him with all tastes. You will go to his house to cut meat. use it for most applications that do not require any special coating. So how are you going to use it here?

The fact that the chef’s knife is designed as a basic tool means that even an inexperienced beginner can use it effectively.

1. What is a “good” folding knife?

Whichever knife model you choose, all knives must meet several requirements:

  • The knife must be made of high-quality material.
  • Assembly and adjustment of folding mechanism should be done without any hassle.
  • The procedure for opening and closing the sash must be reliable.
  • The folding knife must comply with the laws of the country in which it is used. Despite our presence in Russia, we have no criminal obligation to carry sharp weapons. No one wants to lose their favorite knife or even a fine on the shoulder.

When buying a pocket knife, make sure the pocket knife fits in your hand. Even the most expensive and high-quality knives can make you restless. In that case, he soon becomes the speaker on the bookshelf.

2. How to open the blade

It is important to remember that opening a folder with one hand often requires additional items on the blade. Let your thumb or little finger benefit. Whether it’s a hole in the blade, a nail, a rivet, or something. The pressure on the blade controls the blade’s stop. (Press the locking mechanism to keep the blade locked) and lock it in place.

Holes and rivets usually provide a better advantage. No clutch control is required during the opening process. With the click of a finger, powerful action, and the blade is ready to go. Under pressure, easier, better.

It is also useful to know that different pressures are applied to the blade when different elements of the lock are pressed. The rear locks have a very strong spring, while the liner locks, push locks and hinged locks are smooth and easy to open.

3. Swiss Company

Carl Elsner founded the Swiss company Victorinox because he belonged to a family of merchants who had a store in Zug. For many generations, in Switzerland but Carl did not want to be a blacksmith and went to work. She studied cutlery workshops in France and Germany.

There he learned to make scallops. However, Elsner refused to continue his family’s farming business. But the young man received unconditional support from his mother, Victoria.

On his 25th birthday in 1884. Carl made the first knife in the factory. It is located in the small town of Abech, near Geneva. Today is the foundation of a famous Swiss knife company. Today, Victorinox is a family business run by Carl Elsner IV.

4. How to choose a set of kitchen knives.

Kitchen knife sets are useful for personal use and as a complimentary gift for family, friends, or co-workers. In each kitchen, experts recommend using multiple knives to perform different tasks and cut specific foods.

Buying a set of knives is often cheaper than any other tool. While the products are made in the same style and can decorate the interior of any kitchen. By focusing on the owner’s feelings

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