How to Wash And Clean Your Different Types Of Shoes

Take a look at your shoes, either scattered about on the floor or neatly stacked in your closet. If you’re like most of us, there are many materials, finishes, and colours to choose from. The days of only wearing black or brown leather shoes are no longer.

But how can you keep them looking good while also extending their life? You can clean any shoe, including slippers, with only a few ingredients and a few simple procedures. Here are the proper methods for cleaning shoe mixtures of different materials.

Proper Ways for Cleaning Shoes:

Fabric Shoes:

Fabric Shoes

Fabric shoes come in various styles, including strappy sandals, sneakers, pumps, and flats. Matter what type, the fabric will ultimately become stained.

The shoe repairman suggests you might be able to find some tips on how to wash cloth shoes online. It’s a terrible idea since washing cycles can be harsh, and the agitator or tumbler’s force and the friction of running water can cause the shoe to warp or tear.

  • To remove loose surface soil, wipe the fabric with a dry paper towel.
  • Mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and two cups of warm water in a small bowl.
  • Brush the cloth lightly with the toothbrush, working on a small section at a time.
  • Don’t get your hands too moist. Work with the texture of the cloth and move all over the shoe to keep the colour constant and remove spots.
  • Wipe the entire shoe with a paper towel dampened with clear water to remove any soapy residue. 
  • After blotting with a dry paper towel, let the shoe air dry away from the direct heat and sunshine. Stuff dry paper towels into the toes or heels of some shoes to help them keep their shape until they are entirely dry.

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Leather, Patent Leather, and Faux Leather Shoes:

Start by wiping off any soil with a cloth dipped in a solution of equal parts lukewarm water and distilled white vinegar to clean leather, patent leather, or imitation leather shoes. It’s especially good at removing winter salt stains. Wait for total air drying of the shoes.

Prime Laundry, a professional shoe cleaning service, suggests using a commercial polish and following the guidelines for scuffs on genuine leather shoes, whether dress or casual. Wet a soft towel with water and dip it in baking soda if you don’t have a polish that matches white athletic sneakers or today’s rainbow of colours. Use a clean cloth and gently rub the scuffed area and wipe the residue away. Left to dry entirely before buffing with a clean cloth.

Scuffs can be polished out of patent leather and imitation leather shoes with a soft cloth and a dab of petroleum jelly. With a spritz of ammonia and alcohol-free glass cleaner and a soft cloth, restore the shine.

Rope and Cork Wedges:

Rope and Cork Wedges

After you’ve cleaned a wedge shoe’s upper fabric or leather component, it’s time to tackle the rope or cork-covered sole. Mix four cups of warm water, one-quarter cup distilled white vinegar, and one teaspoon dishwashing detergent in a solution. Working in tiny areas at a time, clean the surfaces with an old toothbrush or towel.

When making rope soles, work in one direction to keep the rope from breaking. When the shoes are clean, wash them down with a cloth dipped in plain water to remove any soapy residue and air dry them.

Athletic Shoes:

Most athletic and tennis shoes can be washed on the gentle or delicate cycle in the washing machine (this reduces agitation, which could damage your shoes) and cleaned with a proper, heavy-duty laundry detergent. Remove any inner soles and the laces, which should be washed separately. Before washing the shoes in a load of towels, wipe away any excess dirt and use a stain solution to remove any strong stains.

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Suede, NuBuck, and Sheepskin Shoes:

The key to keeping suede or any other napped surface shoe looking its best is to take care of it regularly. After each use, the surfaces should be kept as dry as possible and wiped with a soft-bristled brush to remove loose dust or soil. In sheepskin boots, shearling linings are common, getting dirtier than the outside. Wipe clean the interior of the boots with a cloth dipped in a wool shampoo and water solution, then wash with a 50:50 vinegar-water solution to keep fungus and stink at bay. 


To keep your shoes looking new, follow these cleaning instructions. We are your one-stop shop for all your laundry requirements, whether it’s Laundry, dry cleaning, shoe cleaning or other service.

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