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In the last couple of years, Instagram has grown to become the most popular social media platform used for corporate marketing. Through Instagram, businesses, organizations, and even brands can connect with over 1 billion active users on the platform. As the market is vast and fierce competition, it is simple to reach out to this large audience. To help businesses and marketers connect with prospective customers, Instagram often releases updates and new apps. One of these can be IGTV which is also known as Instagram TV.

What exactly is IGTV, and how does it benefit businesses?

Instagram introduced the feature IGTV in the year 2018, which paved the way to new possibilities for the growth of businesses. With IGTV, users can make and upload videos longer, previously not permitted on Instagram. The length of the video can range between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. It is also possible to extend it to up to 60 minutes; however, this feature is only available on larger or verified accounts. Buy Instagram followers for more engagement on your IGTV series and business account.

IGTV has many benefits for businesses. Some of them are:

1. Greater visibility of Services and products:

With IGTV, business owners were offered the possibility of creating Instagram videos that had an extended period. This allowed them to have more opportunities to increase traffic to their websites and profiles. In turn, the visibility of their products and services has also increased dramatically. Because the number of viewers online is increasing in the past and utilizing IGTV is an effective option to boost the efficiency in the marketing strategy.

2. Entertainment and education source for viewers:

Researchers suggest that the most popular types of video content include tutorials and demonstrations. Naturally, demonstrations and tutorials can’t be displayed in less than one minute. The introduction of IGTV was a breakthrough in this regard. It enabled marketers to inform potential customers of their offerings and services in greater detail. So, by creating captivating IGTV clips, they can engage and educate the viewers while also entertaining the audience. This is the most effective method to promote your products and services on the internet.

3. Creates opportunities for higher engagement:

Video marketing has become one of the most efficient marketing tools over the last few years. With IGTV, businesses can benefit from the advantages of video marketing and the large audience of Instagram. It’s a great method to increase engagement naturally. The greater the engagement levels, the higher likelihood of more conversions.

What exactly is the IGTV series?

In the last few days, Instagram upgraded IGTV by launching the IGTV series. The announcement was a source of excitement among brands that wanted to discover the possibilities here. IGTV series are like the playlists feature on YouTube. It lets creators create playlists that group the same content together. The users can stream the series through the IGTV app and on your Instagram profile.

You should consider using the IGTV series because the feature is designed to encourage your viewers to view similar videos. This improves engagement for your other video content and also. A higher level of engagement is a sign of greater reach and a higher rate of increased traffic on Instagram. Shortly, IGTV Series can aid in drawing the attention of your viewers, increase users to your page, and boost your profile’s visibility in the world of social media. In addition, combining similar content into series can make your profile appear extremely organized and efficient.

Tips for creating IGTV Series

If you’re considering making your own IGTV series, here are some tips that will help you:

1. Design the content:

Making the video content used in the IGTV show is quite different from making a normal one. To create videos for the show, you must first consider the overall idea and the theme for the IGTV series. Because each series has similar content and themes, you’ll need to design your videos so that several videos are created with similar themes. Another thing to be aware of when creating content for IGTV shows is that even though the content will be based on a constant theme, viewers must find them entertaining.

It is essential to find out what your viewers want to see and structure such content with an episodic style. Also, you must think about the budget, the resources, schedule videos, length of the video, and other factors.

2. Write a storyline and develop an outline:

When creating your IGTV series, it’s best to outline the fundamental content of the videos you plan to include in a specific series. To do this, you must create an outline of the storyline. Determine the exact video’s flow, and then outline how you intend to accomplish it. You must be aware of the angles of the camera as well as lighting, the number of people involved, and so forth.

To speed up the process and improve their quality, write scripts for each video. It is also suggested to create captions and subtitles to improve impact.

3. The filming of the show:

Once the basic work is finished, then the fun begins. The series will be recorded according to your budget. It is unnecessary to invest in top-quality cameras, equipment, or videographers to make captivating videos. If the content in your video is exciting and unique, viewers will be drawn to them and be more supportive of your efforts.

4. Send the file:

Uploading your IGTV series is fast and straightforward. Once the video content is completed, upload it to the IGTV application. If you upload it, you’ll be asked to choose to upload or select a cover picture for the clip. Once you have done this and you are on the next screen. There you will be presented with options for writing captions and location information, tagging people, sharing on other social media websites, and so on. In addition, there’s also the title “IGTV series.” Underneath, you will find “Add to series.”

When you select this option, you’ll have the option of choosing to join the video into an existing series or start the new one. If you’re creating the first series, you need to provide a title and a brief description of the content of the series. It is best not to make the name and description as brief as is possible. After making your IGTV collection, you can frequently upload and share videos on the same channel.

How do you use the IGTV series for the growth of your business?

There are many ways to increase the size of your business by using the IGTV Series. Let’s look at a few of them.

1. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaboration with influencers is the most well-known method to boost engagement through Instagram. There are many creative ways of making IGTV series content that incorporates influential people. For example, suppose your company sells clothing. In that case, you can offer your items to influencers or celebrities and request them to create 5-10 minutes of videos to inform their followers about your products. Each of these videos could be put together into an IGTV series. This kind of IGTV series can help establish trust and credibility with your audience to promote your company.

2. Create Tutorial Videos:

Tutorial videos are among the most-watched videos on the web. They are effective for marketing products as well as services. Many cosmetic brands make tutorial videos to boost the number of viewers. Businesses that sell unique or technical products also create instructional videos to inform their viewers on the correct procedure to use their products. Below are just a few examples in services fitness videos, such as the proper way to do lunges and squats.

3. Create behind-the-scenes videos:

People are fascinated by the processes that go into creating a product or providing services. For instance, if you run a fast-food restaurant, it is possible to make a video series that demonstrates the process involved in making a single hamburger or pizza.

4. Customer Stories and Testimonials:

You could create a separate series that includes testimonials from actual customers. This increases confidence in your company in the eyes of people who view it. This helps in establishing trust with your customers.

Tips for creating engaging IGTV series

To make a highly efficient IGTV series, you must take care of the following aspects:

Keep a similar or consistent style for all videos within your series. This will make your series more appealing and appealing to viewers.
Promote your IGTV series often, not just on Instagram but also on other platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. This is important to get an increase in views as well as followers.
Create SEO-rich video content. When it concerns digital marketing, SEO is the most important factor. Make sure you use the right keywords and hashtags to help users find your content.
Monitor your IGTV performance regularly with Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights provides a no-cost tool that displays the performance metrics for your content on Instagram. The most common metrics are views saved, likes, comments, etc.
It is common for viewers to be very short. To keep them until the end of your video, it is essential to ensure that all the initial 10 minutes of your video are captivating and enticing. It is essential to explain clearly the purpose of the video and what you’ll be doing throughout the duration.
Select your cover photo carefully since this will be the very first image your viewers will view. It should be eye-catching.

If used correctly, the IGTV series can result in many advantages for your company. Utilize the maximum benefit of this feature by using these strategies!


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