Is Influencer Marketing Worth Investing?

Are you planning to add influencer marketing to your monthly plan?

You are one of many businesses that look forward to experiencing business growth by collaboration and taking the most out of influencer marketing. However, the big question arises for first-time investors, i.e., whether influencer marketing is worth investing in or not. Undoubtedly, it is a Booming Marketing Strategy that has already helped numerous businesses to grow. Still, some are confused about whether to market your brand/product via influencers.

Influencer marketing is good for those who are already earning profitable results. According to a study, more than 79% of marketers believe in influencer marketing as it delivers fruitful results. This doesn’t mean other marketing strategies are of no use anymore. Influencer marketing has its importance from a specific aspect, but it can’t overtake other strategies that are used for branding or product promotion. Instead, influencer marketing is being used to benefit other marketing strategies. E.g., Influencer marketing benefits SEO that results in better search rankings.

Businesses look for various pointers when investing in influencer marketing, and ROI is one among them. You, as a business, would never prefer relying on an influencer for business growth. Hence, it’s crucial to maintain a bridge between different Marketing Strategies and collaborate with influencers accordingly.

When working with influencers, you must have some points in mind.

Know Your Priorities: Whether you need to invest in influencer marketing depends primarily on your goal and objective. If you are more concerned about brand awareness and customer acquisition, you can consider influencer marketing effective. Interestingly, influencer marketing isn’t a good move if your motive is to increase customer experience. 

Establish ROI Metrics: Without evaluating the results, it’s impossible to judge whether your hard work has paid or not. Many businesses rely 100% on the influencers and never heed the ROI metrics. As a result, influencers can manipulate the results and showcase higher counts to prove hard work. In reality, you didn’t get the desired results. Hence, you must know the ROI metrics that can help you evaluate the worthiness of influencers and your marketing campaign.

Choose Authenticity Over Count: You are making a big mistake if you rely on high followers count. Not all influencers with high followers can deliver you fruitful results. Some influencers use unethical tactics (bot followers) to increase their followers’ count and get good deals from businesses. The best way to filter genuine influencers is to track their daily actions across different social platforms and evaluate how their posts perform.

E.g., Emilie Haney is a popular influencer who has built strong recognition across various social platforms. She is a freelance writer, photographer, graphic designer, and part-time youth director. 

With that said, you now have a clear picture of influencer marketing and whether you should add it to your marketing plan. If you work with the right influencer and deliver the right content, you get a probability of high results. That’s why you should always pay keen attention to selecting the right influencer for your influencer marketing campaign.

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