Five Best Styles Of Leather Cowboy Hats In 2022

Leather Cowboy Hats

A Cowboy is a man who loves his horses, the wide-open range, and a good pair of cowboy boots. However, a cowboy hat is a crucial accessory that defines a well-dressed cowboy look. So if you want to get that classic Cowboy look, you need to find a decent cowboy hat matching your personality. On top of that, he doesn’t mind working hard to keep them all in perfect shape. 

This girl would do well with good-looking leather cowboy hats to maintain their rugged exterior look and shape! No matter your taste in style, there are some fantastic options below. Consider these the “five best styles” of leather cowboy hats so that even if you’re not into Western-inspired looks, you’ll at least be able to choose one that suits your personality!

  1. Limited Edition Sirocco Sun Hat

Sirocco Sun Hat will soon become your all-time favorite among all leather cowboy hats. It is the kind of hat you’d wear when the sun is shining, but you’re still not ready to brave the elements. Sirocco is the perfect place to find a classic cowboy hat worn by a man, and it’s also one of our favorites. It may look like it came from Western wear stores, but Sirocco is much more detailed, with a mesh back and banded crown and a harmonious green corduroy interior for greater comfort.

Key Features

  • Perfect for beating the heat of the sun
  • Made with 100% original cowhide leather
  • It comes with a removable sweatband
  • It matches perfectly with every look
  1. El Dorado Top Hat, Bullet Band

If you’ve ever wished for the best of both worlds, then you’ll like the El Dorado Top Hat. This modern cowboy hat is 100% leather and has a silver finish with a silver band and trim. This hat is super simple in style, but it’s convenient to have around if you are looking for something to complete your Western-inspired looks or want to wear it while draped loosely over your shoulders while still keeping it in excellent condition.

Key Features

  • Particular bullet band to make it more appealing
  • Bold style that suits everyone
  • Designer builds with elegant style
  • It helps you avoid sunlight, dust, and dirt particles
  1. Howlin Top Hat

Complete with an elegant brim and classic round crown, HOWLIN TOP is one of the best choices of a hat when you want to look unmistakably western without going overboard. One prominent feature of this hat is its contrast color, which gives it a classic look, while the brim concentrates your attention on the gunmetal-colored crown. In addition, this features a great band that keeps the hat stiff.

Key Features

  • The design is perfect to complete your cowboy outfit
  • Classic style with simple motifs
  • Durable and tough
  • Lightweight yet sturdy all at once
  1. El Dorado Top Hat, Sr2 Band

This hat will set you apart from everyone else at any event, whether you are trying to go for classic western themes. It has a soft brown leather exterior with a metallic silver-tone band and trims. The sculpted brims are stacked, giving the hat a style reminiscent of Native American tribal wear. Whether going to the office or a beachside party, this hat will work its charm everywhere. Pair your El Dorado Hat with stylish chinos and half sleeve shirt to get a fantastic look on a hot sunny day. 

Key Features

  • Made from genuine leather to offer quality
  • Embroidered motifs to match your personality
  • Durable, rugged, and lightweight
  • Handcrafted to look like one of a kind vintage hat 
  1. Ruffed Hat, Bullet Badge 

This hat is the perfect fit for any man looking for something that’ll look great with a western theme but still maintain his individuality. Just like it sounds, this hat is not too flashy but with timeless charm creating an undeniable classic appeal. It comes in at 42 inches high and 9 inches wide, which is quite large compared to most cowboy hats. The best part about this hat is its bold bullet badge that makes sense of authentic cowboy style with your looks. 

Key Features

  • Beautiful color and design
  • Nice contrast between the band and the brim
  • The construction lasts long
  • Complete with a metal badge that’s slightly ruffled
  • Made of genuine leather, it looks and feels great every time you wear it! 

If you’re looking for something classic, sporty or relaxed, these are your best choices. In addition to their appearance and construction, these hats are designed to offer the kind of absolute comfort that you need while wearing them. Furthermore, these high-quality hats are made from durable materials (such as cowhide leather) to ensure that they last for a long time.

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