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Goa is one of the top tourist destinations of the nation. It is also considered to be the smallest state .You don’t have to worry about the beaches, there’s plenty more to learn about the state. The state boasts a fantastic track record in history, including numerous significant churches and cathedrals. It is a wonderful destination for those who love history. For those who love the natural world, history as well as some enjoyable activities, this is a most important place to visit.

Goa Tour Package:

Goa your vacation package and get a genuine one. In Goa, you can experience the astonishing love of the beach as well as a diverse range of food. The most popular places to visit during your stay include Calangute Beach, Fort Aguada, Mandovi River Cruise in Goa, Divar Island, Dudhsagar Falls, and Anjuna Beach. These are the top beaches and places in Goa that you must not overlook during your visit.

Calangute Beach:

the essence that the culture of Goa generally offers, apart from providing stunning and breathtaking views of the surrounding terrains that are an best escape goal for those who try to escape the hustle and bustle of the bustling town edges.  beach located in Goa offers a lot to offer to those who visit the area.

Many people visit the beach to take in the captivating sunrises and sunsets that are a unique feature in Calangute Beach. If you want to be a great traveler and festival, make your way to the beach with your family and friends family and take in the potential of the beauty that North Goa has to submit.

Fort Aguada:

Fort Aguada is one of the main attractions of Goa. Its architecture provides an knowledge of the skyscraper techniques of the earlier Portuguese architects and offers amazing views you must see. The fort’s history gives an excellent view of the brine, and the sunset is thought to be stunning. Fort Fort is a huge avenue to enjoy an afternoon. The afternoons are typically too hot for the water to be enjoyed on the shores. However, you don’t have to remain in your hotel room visiting Goa.

Therefore, make your way for Fort Aguada and consume your time looking at the fort. When you’re done and you’re unable to remain and revel in the brine that is a haze as the day begins to slip through. You can then head to one or both of these beaches to your taste at evening. This can lead to an ideal resting sensation when you visit the beaches of North Goa.

Mandovi River Cruise in Goa:

Mandovi River Cruises are one of the many promising classes you can try in Goa. Simply board one of the cruises with amenity options and go for a journey to experience unity and revel in the onboard activities.

The twilight time is sought-after by the majority because of the amazing evening scenery, one is an observer. Additionally, a variety of fascinating cruise packages such as Dolphin Fantasy Cruise and Backwater Delights are also available to attract guests.

Divar Island:

Divar Island will evacuate you feeling awed, happy and happy because the entire place has an enthralling, healthy almost home-like atmosphere that is very appealing for those seeking peace and authentic beauty. The island’s small size is covered in dense forest and there’s only one town with only the size of a small group of residents. It creates a personal atmosphere that is soothing and to proclaim even the tiniest.

The top ideas are attractive as well. It doesn’t have any tourist attractions that are marketable, but the local areas, such as the Church with the excuses are well worth a visit. These are simple yet beautifully created and designed structures that are stunning in their way.

Dudhsagar Falls:

It is believed that the Dudhsagar Waterfalls are arranged on the Goa-Karnataka boundary and are among India’s top sights to see. The fourth-tiered chute arrangement is among the most imposing waterfalls in India and is located in the Mandovi River.

The lush fresh forest as well as the stunning chute that is sending up the torrential rains will be a memorable image long after leaving Dudhsagar to leave.

Anjuna Beach:

Anjuna beach offers stunning views and photography perspectives in the dawn and dusk. The mix of grains of white and stunning dull brine create an irresistible impression. In addition, you should not think of ignoring the primary attraction of the beach selling at the local flea markets.

From a quiet family vacation to an adventurous weekend with your friends. The beach is also notable in its Wednesday Flea Markets where you can purchase sarongs and antiques as well as traditional handicrafts.


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