Mastering Online Logic Games and Quiz Games

The aging of the body is a thing dreaded by many, but even more that of the brain. Whether in a place of service or in a retirement home, for a particular task, alone or in a group, he is always in demand. Like any muscle in your body, the brain needs to be constantly maintained, hence the implementation of certain  logic games  that allow it to be even more efficient.

Tip N°1: look for synonyms and opposites

When you talk, you listen to someone or you read a book or the newspaper, you can play using the words. Try looking for synonyms or opposites of words. This exercise helps the brain to search between its knowledge, to search in its vocabulary and to make logical associations! The brain must process multiple pieces of information simultaneously, make quick decisions, remember a task to do, or remember how to perform a particular task. Whether it’s activities that require great concentration, or memory exercises, your results will only be improved when your brain is well prepared. Note that there is no specific age to start working on your cognitive abilities, your memory or your concentration.  

Tip #5: Try the Stroop test

Work on your concentration over the long term with the Stroop test . A short and easy-to-understand exercise, it will allow you to concentrate better, by developing your ability to sort between relevant information and secondary information. You can then increase your concentration time.

Tip N°6: do sudokus

Everyone knows sudoku. Today it can be easily found in the newspaper, in stores or in applications on the phone or tablet. Sudoku is one of the most suitable games like afk arena tier list 2022 for practicing logic. You work on spatial organization, but also on working memory and the creation of mental images. In addition, sudoku is an activity suitable for children, adults and seniors, so you can play it for life!

Tip N°7: develop your memory

This exercise allows you to work on your immediate memory . To do this, take a shopping list for example and observe for a few seconds. Then try to recite this list in order. A little trick, squeeze in your left hand several times, an object. This will make your learning easier.

Tip N°8: project yourself

Visualize a primary task that you need to accomplish. For example, imagine calling the person you have an appointment with, or driving to the meeting place. This exercise will allow you to remember more easily what is essential when performing the act.

Tip N°9: be logical

Being logical also means perceiving situations as a whole and in their details. For this, you have to work on your ability to observe. A very simple exercise, take hold of any object, and take the time to appreciate it in all its particularities. Then try to paint it in three dimensions. This prompts you to know how the object was designed, its intricacy and minute details. You also increase your ability to make descriptions in space.

Tip N°10: do some mental math

In everyday life, we have to deal with math, we just don’t pay attention to it or use the calculator. For example, when you go shopping and give you cash, try to calculate how much change he should give you. Doing mental math helps keep your brain active. To do mental arithmetic, there are several strategies so you can also train yourself to do it as quickly as possible and find the best strategy.

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