Mongraal Fortnite Keybinds and Settings – 2022 Updated

Mongraal is an established name in the gaming world. He is a popular European Fortnite player who has a large fan following. He is known for being one of very few gamers who has been selected multiple times for Fortnite World Cup. He was nominated for the Fortnite World Cup finals four times.

He is a very solo player, and therefore, very specific in his playing style. Although he doesn’t stream videos often, he manages to get over 28 thousand views per streaming session on Twitch. He is the 6th player in the duo category, and the 13th player in the solo category. This makes him one of the most popular Fortnite players worldwide in both categories. He is a top-ranked player with a great grasp of the game and the audience. His unique style and technical gear are very popular among his users.


Mongraal is Kyle Jackson’s stage game. Mongraal is his name among eSport gamers. He was born August 2004. He was born in August 2004 and raised in the United Kingdom. Many people praised his early years of gaming because of his youthful age and exceptional talent.

His gaming career began at an early age. Fortnite was his first game. He was only thirteen years old at the time. His hobby turned into a full-time job. He is the youngest Fortnite player to appear on BBC. He is also the youngest Fortnite player to compete in a tournament. He joined the Faze clan recently and participated in many tournaments with them. According to records, he will have more than 2,000,000 followers on Twitter and 4 million subscribers on YouTube in 2021. His twitch account has over 4.8 million subscribers, even though he doesn’t use it often. His social media presence is strong with more than 4.5million connections on Instagram and 12,000 fans from various countries and interests on Facebook.

He is currently part of Faze Clan, which is well-known for its outstanding showcase of Fortnite talent. Although his gaming career began with Call of Duty and other smaller games, he now has his attention on one game, Fortnite: Battle Royale. Fortnite: Battle Royale. He was only 13 years old when he was considered eligible to participate in tournaments. He is also the youngest member to date of Faze clan. He is a great student and manages to keep his academic life in balance. He is able to manage his time well to get good grades and give equal importance to his gaming career. He is an influential figure for young gamers and his generation. His gear description is searched online by budding gamers just as they search for clix settings.

Net Worth

The player earns decent income from his live streaming videos, which have over 28,000 views each. His twitch channel collects donations and fan gifts. He also has a large YouTube fan base, which makes him equally rich. His huge Instagram following is another source of income. He is often an endorser for various companies and brands.

Although his actual net worth has not been determined, experts estimate that it is somewhere around 8,00,000. Million US dollars. This is the sum of his monthly income, donations and other expenses.

Mongraal Fortnite Setup

This section contains information about mongraal settings computer components. Here are the specifications and all components used by Moongraal, a popular gamer while streaming on his Twitch channel.

  1. Mouse The player uses Logitech G402. You can choose from a variety of settings to help you perform better.
  2. Keyboard: Mongraal uses SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard. This keyboard is specifically designed for gaming.
  3. Desktop The monitor that was installed on his computer is the model Xf250q from the best Acer series. It also comes with a clear display.
  4. CPU. This player uses the most efficient model for gaming. He uses an Intel core I9-10900k CPU.
  5. GPU: The gamer uses Nvidia Geforce RTX3090 to run his PC during uninterrupted gaming sessions.
  6. Mousepad He uses a special mousepad. He uses an inked gaming mouse pad.
  7. Mic When streaming video on his channels across different platforms, he uses the blue yetiX mic to transfer clear voice.
  8. Headphones For the best sound quality, he uses Steelseries Arctis Prime.
  9. Motherboard He uses a sturdy motherboard to ensure that the computer is reliable and efficient. He uses MSI MEG Z490 Godlike motherboard.
  10. RAM: The RAM installed in Mongraal’s computer is crosshair Vengeance RbgPro in 32 GB version. It provides enough memory and efficiency.
  11. Case: He protects his CPU using a sturdy case, i.e. Lian Li Pc-011
  12. fans: To keep his CPU safe and cool, he uses 9x Corsair Ll120 RGB along with corsair Icue Commander pro
  13. Chair: He uses a Herman Miller Aeron chair to stream from his computer.
  14. CPU Cooler: He uses corsair H150i RGB for his CPU cooling
  15. HDD: Mongraal uses Seagate 4TB BarracudaHDD to back up his computer
  16. SDD For better performance, he uses Samsung870 Qvo 8TB
  17. PSU The PSU installed on his computer is corsair RMS1000x.
  18. Webcam: He uses Logitech Brio to stream better quality.
  19. Mouse Bungee: He uses SteelSeries bungee to stream his videos
  20. Desk: An Ikea Tingby desk is what he uses to keep his computer components.

Mongraal Settings

These are all his settings, including video and keybinds. You can play more like him if you know his settings.

Video Settings

These are the video settings that Mongraal provides for streaming and playing:

Resolution- 1920×1020

Frame rate limit- 240FPS

Fullscreen mode

Interface contrast: 1.09x

Epic View from a Distance

Deuteranope 10: Colour-blind mode, strength


Texture: Low

Low effects

Low post-processing

Anti-aliasing: Off

Textures low

Multithreaded rendering allowed

Motion blur: Off

Shadows off

Vysnc: Off

Mouse Settings

Mongraal, like clix settings prefers to not make any changes to the mouse settings. Mongraal ensures a smooth operation and good performance of the mouse by setting the following settings:

Y-Axis sensitivity- 4.9%

X-Axis sensitivity- 4.9%


Polling rate – 1000MHz

Scope Sensitivity: 29%

Sensitivity targeting: 29%

Keyboard settings

Mongraal has provided keybinds and shortcuts to help you play more efficiently.

C is the trap

Stairs: mouse 4

Wall: Mouse 5

Crouch: Left ctrl

Click the DPI mouse button to move from floor to ground

Inventory: left alt

Roof: Left shift

Use: digit 4, or mouse up

Map: M

Edit: Building

Rotate or reload a piece of building material: G or click the mouse wheel button

Harvesting tool R

Edit the release confirmation: off

Weapon slot 1: 2

Weapon slot 2: Q

Weapon slot 3:

Weapon slot 4: F

Weapon slot 5: X

HUD Scale 52%

Spring by default:


Mongraal is among the most prominent and well-paid Fortnite players. He is Fortnite’s youngest player and an outstanding Fortnite: Battle Royale player. His settings and setup are extremely unique and precise, allowing him to stream and play with maximum efficiency. His online fan base is estimated to number in the millions on various platforms.


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