Must-Buy: Double .12 SanDisk Reappears Discounts, New Benefits, USB Flash Drives, Mobile Solid State, SD Cards You Want To Have All

Are you still lamenting that you missed the huge discount on Double .11? Do you still regret that you didn’t go crazy during Double 11. It doesn’t matter, the annual double .12 is here again. As the last carnival feast of the “chop hand tribe” in 2021, the world-renowned storage company SanDisk still provides a wealth of options, different categories, and freely matching welfare discounts for consumers in different fields. This winter, Because of the hot prices of SanDisk storage products and the heart-wrenching benefits, it is no longer cold.

01 Classic and efficient choice CZ73 cool flash drive

The CZ73 cool flash drive is a classic flash drive under the SanDisk company. It continues the SanDisk USB drive family. minimalist and smart design style and a metal shell. It has been polished while improving the durability of the product. The polished surface shows the quality and texture even more when the light shines.


In terms of performance, using SanDisk’s self-developed flash memory particles, the maximum read and write speed reaches 150MB/s, and it supports USB3.0 transmission protocol, and its performance is almost 15 times that of USB2.0 flash drives; in addition, in order to meet the storage needs of different users , It also has a variety of different levels of capacity design from 16GB to 512GB, users can freely choose according to their preferences.

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Of course, security encryption is also an important function design of the SanDisk CZ73 cool flash drive. The USB flash drive has a built-in SanDisk safe security software, which can provide password protection for confidential files to protect your data. At the same time, SanDisk also provides RescuePro One year of free use of file recovery software, users can use the software to achieve file recovery and other operations.

At present, this SanDisk CZ73 cool flash drive, which has both performance and safety, is participating in JD’s promotional activities. The price on the day of double .12 is not higher than 84.9 yuan. Friends in need can squat for a while.

02 SanDisk CZ410 is the best choice for business office

The business office field has always been a sub-field that SanDisk pays great attention to, and the SanDisk CZ410 Cool USB Flash Drive is a high-quality product for business office.

In appearance, SanDisk CZ410 adopts a pure black design that is very popular among business office workers. It is calm and stable in a low-key. It adopts a compact design without a cover and is equipped with a lanyard slot, which improves the product while maintaining a minimalist style. Practicability, users don’t need to worry about losing the USB flash drive because it’s too light and compact.

SanDisk CZ410 is in a cool spike

In terms of more critical performance, the square-inch SanDisk CZ410 supports the USB3.0 protocol and has a reading speed of up to 100MB/s. It can easily and freely complete the efficient transmission of various files in business and office, and it is compatible with all major Mainstream PC/Mac and other office equipment; coupled with a variety of different capacity designs from 32GB to 256GB, it can meet the diverse needs of business people in storage performance and storage capacity.

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Similarly, double .12 is approaching, and the SanDisk CZ410 cool for business office is also participating in JD discounts. The 128GB capacity is not higher than 67.9 yuan on the day of double .12, and business people can start it. Shop now with AO discount code and AO discount code NHS , AO NHS discountAO promo code NHSAo coupon code 10 OffAO NHS discount code at AO Voucher Code NHS

03 Performance is king  SanDisk E81 Extreme Super Speed ​​Pro Edition

Mobile solid-state hard drives, with their slim body and powerful performance, have become the absolute protagonist in the field of mobile storage at this stage. As a storage giant in the field of mobile solid-state hard drives, SanDisk was the first to participate in R&D and competition. It also launched many classic mobile solid-state products. Among them, the SanDisk E81 Extreme Super Speed ​​Pro Edition has brought together SanDisk’s mobile storage in recent years. The technical essence of this aspect is currently the strongest product in the field of SanDisk mobile solid-state hard drives.

SanDisk E81 Extreme Super Speed ​​Pro Edition is in spike

In terms of appearance, this product still continues the unified appearance design of the SanDisk mobile solid-state hard drive family, with a durable silicone shell, a rectangular design for one-handed grip, and a carabiner ring design on the upper right corner, which is suitable for professional users to travel; NordicTrack discount code

As for performance, the SanDisk E81 Extreme Super Speed ​​Pro version supports the new NVMe transmission protocol, built-in SanDisk self-developed flash memory particles, and high-quality master control. The maximum continuous read speed reaches 2000MB/s, which is almost the current mobile solid state drive field. Peak performance is more than twice that of conventional mobile solid state drives. Such powerful performance can easily complete the user’s fast transfer and read application of large files, which can significantly improve the user’s work efficiency.

It supports USB type-C and type-A interfaces, supports USB3.2 Gen2 protocol, and is backward compatible with USB3.0 and other protocols. It can be directly plugged into devices including Windows, Mac, Android, etc., to achieve “one machine universal” smooth storage. Of course, the addition of functions such as IP55 dust and water resistance, SanDisk’s 5-year warranty service, and AES256-level security encryption, makes SanDisk E81 Extreme Super Speed ​​Pro a quality choice for many professional users.

At present, this professionally-born high-performance mobile solid-state hard drive has once again ushered in a preferential and low price. The price of 2TB capacity is not higher than 2199 yuan on the day. For professional users with high-performance storage needs, SanDisk E81 Extreme Speed ​​Pro version is a choice not to be missed.

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04 The best companion for digital cameras SanDisk Extreme High-speed SD card

When it comes to SD cards, it is definitely the flagship product of SanDisk, or in a sense, SanDisk is synonymous with SD cards. As the main business of SanDisk Corporation, in the SD card field, SanDisk has launched many “hard currency” with good reputation and sales. Among them, the Supreme High-speed SD card is a cost-effective choice for mainstream digital users.

SanDisk Extreme High-speed SD card discount

The SanDisk Extreme High-speed SD card supports a number of industry transfer protocols, including A1 standard, U1 standard, etc., and its maximum reading speed reaches 120MB/s. According to calculations, the SD card can transfer 1000 photos in 1 minute. Improve the efficiency of user data transmission; it is worth mentioning that based on the A1 level standard design, the SanDisk Extreme high-speed SD card can quickly load the built-in APP of the mobile phone, which is widely compatible with Android smart digital devices and brings better users. Smart storage experience.  Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS , Amazon NHS Discount  Amazon Discount Code UK , Amazon coupon code 10 Off,  Amazon Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code , Amazon Discount Code NHS and Amazon Discount Code

SanDisk Extreme High Speed ​​SD Card

In terms of capacity, the SanDisk Extreme High-speed SD card is designed with a total capacity of 8 gears ranging from 16GB to 1TB, which covers almost all users’ customized needs for storage capacity; in addition, it is waterproof, cold-resistant, and heat-resistant. , Impact resistance and anti-magnetic and other durable design, also ensure the normal use of digital camera users in various complex situations.

The SanDisk Extreme high-speed SD card, which combines performance, experience and multi-capacity design, will also open a new round of special offers during the double.12 period. The mainstream 128G capacity double.12. The price is not higher than 74.9 yuan on the day. There is a memory card. Friends in need, you can pay attention to a wave.

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