The 5 Best Features of Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus 360


Norton is a great antivirus in the industry of Computer and Technology. It was found that out of 10 Windows, almost four windows have Norton Antivirus installed. That’s a really big think for Norton & Company. So, here we are going to discuss about the Top 5 Norton Antivirus Features that will blow your mind!

Top 5 Norton Antivirus Features

  • Norton Smart Firewall

Norton’s Smart Firewall is a great feature, but it’s not the only one. It puts unknown programs under enhanced scrutiny and tosses them into quarantine. Webroot also does this, but it does so more comprehensively, journaling every action the program takes. The result is a more comprehensive security suite than ever. The 5 Best Features of Norton Antivirus are:

  • ability to protect your computer from malware and phishing attacks
  • ease of use
  • quality of its features

The firewall component is easy to set up and has numerous settings. Most users should leave the firewall settings alone. The Wi-Fi security feature is an additional feature of Norton Antivirus. It actively searches for network-based attacks. If you have Wi-Fi, you’ll never have to worry about hackers stealing your personal information. Its newest upgrade is designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive. You’ll be glad you chose it.

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  • Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web monitoring feature is a powerful feature of Norton Antivirus. It tracks online threats before they even reach your computer. This will stops hackers and spammers from accessing your sensitive or important information. This feature works only with Windows PCs, so if you use a Mac, you should check for updates before purchasing. The family plan is an excellent option for protecting multiple devices. It’s also a great way to protect your children from scams. If you have purchased Norton 360 Subscription and not able to login to Norton, you can read various methods to sign to your Norton account, read more.

  • Norton Security Intelligent Mode

The Norton Security Intelligent Mode suspends alerts and updates so you can focus on your work. With its powerful command-line scanner, you can protect yourself against malicious scripts and phishing emails. The Deep Web Monitoring feature monitors the dark web for suspicious email addresses and other information. This feature is only available in certain countries, but is a great addition to any Norton product. The dark web is a dangerous place for your data.

The Extremely Large Protection Package helps you regain control of your identity. It provides two GB of cloud storage and includes attorneys and experts who help you reclaim your identity. Moreover, it offers free access to online files backed up by Norton 360. These features are a great way to prevent online fraud. When you purchase a Norton product, you can use the full range of Norton’s services.

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  • Quick Scanning

The latest update to Norton’s Antivirus includes a number of improvements to its anti-malware scanning. The anti-malware scripting interface has been improved to allow for more accurate detection of compromised files. A new feature called process hollowing detection allows malware to insert malicious code into legitimate processes. The feature also has a malicious browser extension removal feature that detects malicious browser extensions. The latest version of Norton includes a wide range of security features that make it one of the most effective products available today.

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  • Norton Safe Web

Another useful feature of Norton is the Norton Safe Web. It’s part of the toolbar and automatically identifies dangerous links. In the same way, it warns you if a link is harmful and which is safe. By simply pointing at a link highlighted in red, the software sends you a popup warning. It’s easy to set up and it’s a great choice for privacy lovers.

The main benefit of Norton Antivirus is that it protects against cyber criminals. It’s a great choice for home or business users alike. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who is worried about the security of their computer. A Norton account allows you to update or renew your Norton 360 remotely, which can be very helpful if you’re travelling abroad. The latest features of Norton are listed below. Once you’ve decided which one is best for you, start shopping!


Among its many features, Norton Antivirus is particularly beneficial for the home user. The best part is that it is free to download and install. This means that you don’t have to worry about the cost of purchasing a separate license for each program.

In addition, it supports a wide variety of operating systems. Its bundled software is available for free and you can save the software. You can use it anywhere you want.

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