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Hey, everybody, it’s peter from the KIA Hyundai article here at Brantford KIA in our Brantford KIA studio this is my super bowl this is why I train year after year day after day month after month to find out everything I can about EVS I own an EV and we can finally order the ev6 technically not quite yet I’m filming this on Thursday Friday,s October 22nd at noon easter time you can order the KIA ev6 and I’m going to tell you how to do it I’m going to tell you how to order it from.

When I say this is our super bowl this is what I’ve been waiting for I want to have your order come to our dealership because I can tell you I can promise you our EV buyers are happier than any other EV buyers we do our research on these things we understand them inside and out if you buy an ev6 from us I become a direct contact for you which may not mean anything to you but I’m telling you right now it is my goal to be the expert on this vehicle in this country and frankly, beyond this country I want to get your order, we can finally do that let’s talk about how you order eb6 so here.

We go I have a national sales bulletin I’m not sure if I can show it on camera so I probably won’t do that what we have here is I didn’t bring my glasses so this is going well already all right you’re going to go to a website tomorrow kia.ca ev6 you’re gonna do this Friday and again noon eastern time so Friday, October 22nd noon eastern time 2021 you’re going to order your 2022 ev6 there’s 200 available in Canada in this initial order package.

The model is the 2022 ev6 gt line and then they have it brackets package 2. what is that I don’t know i don’t actually have information on this car yet which is an interesting way to do things so I should be very clear that you are now placing an order for a car leaving a 500 deposit and it is fully refundable if the car is not what you want if the price is not what you want those are things that I don’t have today I’m going to just assume that you won’t have them tomorrow um but you can secure your car is it interesting.

The way they’re doing this yeah sure it is uh it’s a 500 deposit again fully refundable you can expect delivery spring 2022 that’s what we’ve got here and you’re going to select your dealer while you’re there when you select your dealer you can choose among eb certified dealers and sometimes it makes you choose by postal code I’m not really sure how it’s going to work so in case this is necessary pause the screen or check in the description this is our address in case you need to search by postal code this is how you find us if you are in Ontario.

We want to earn your business we want you to be the most satisfied ev6 buyers out there I want you to make sure you know everything about that car that you want to know if you have a question you can contact me we’ll go through things so in case that’s necessary to know our address there you go you have it and like I said 200 of them are for sale so colors available snow white pearl aurora black pearl runway red yacht blue and steel gray matte so there is a matte color coming out pretty cool cars.

Coming that’s kind of the limit of what I know so um going through here’s how the process is going to work uh when you go through the website tomorrow and again I haven’t seen this website yet they’re not even making it available to us internally so what we will do tomorrow is we will have a team of people here on that website guiding you through asking questions to head office if we need to we will be on this better than anybody I promise you that so tomorrow sales process the customer advises of top three color preferences of the 2022 ev6 gt line so you’re gonna give your top three color choices uh.

You’re gonna choose EV certified dealer for delivery so that’s when you’re if you’re in Ontario I want you to choose
we can deliver this card to you anywhere in Ontario we can do the deal even if you’re not in Brantford we do
this all the time with cars we sell used teslas here all the time we’ve sold them across the country if you’re in Ontario
we can deal with you wherever you are so you’re going to choose your ev dealer which is again you’re going to choose us Branford KIA 214 lin road Branford Ontario n3r8a1 uh.

Then uh you’re gonna kca so Kia Canada is gonna confirm your deposit via email and uh then they’re gonna place the order on the customer’s name on behalf of the dealer so they’re gonna place your order for us which is just a new process for us doesn’t mean anything to you uh they’re gonna let the dealership know about it they’re gonna where are we here they can notify the sold order system so that all works and then the dealer delivers the vehicle uh so a lot of dealer information in here so here’s basically how it works go to the website tomorrow www.kia.ca ev6 you can go there already.

But you can’t order the car once you go and there’ll be a link in the description of this to get to that website there’s only 200 available you’re going to leave a 500 fully-refundable deposit you’re going to choose us as your dealer if you’re in Ontario if you’re outside of Ontario choose your local dealer but I really want to earn your deal your business if you’re in Ontario and you’re going to order the ev6 you’re going to be among the first people to have 200 of them if you want to know more about this car you’re going to subscribe to this website because.

We will be covering this vehicle in crazy detail next month we’re going to the la auto show I know we’re going to see the car there’s a whole bunch of stuff coming up with this vehicle I will ask and I’m asking right now for access to a pretty pre-production version from Kia Canada they may not give it to me but at least you know I’m asking we will do everything we can to get this vehicle and the information to you and uh we will review it here all kinds of times so that’s the process go to the website leave a deposit to choose your top three colors to choose us as your dealer if you’re in Ontario and we will follow up from there we’ll make it the best.

Experience buying a car you’ve ever had and the best ownership experience and I can tell you I’ve owned an EV now Kia soul Eevee for two years it is by far the best car I’ve ever owned you’re gonna love driving an Eevee if you’ve already driven an Eevee you know what I’m talking about this car is gonna be pretty incredible that’s all I’ve got
for you so there we go tomorrow October 22nd uh at 12 o’clock eastern time you’ll go on the website you can order
at that point, there’s only 200. we will be here at the dealership to find out things if you need us just reach out to us and we’ll do everything we can I hope that’s the information you need and again we’ll cover more detail later.

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