Picuki: A Guide for Instagram Editors and Viewers


Picuki: A Guide for Instagram Editors and Viewers


In this blog post, we’re showcasing the best unofficial account to follow on Instagram. Picuki is a really popular Insta-editor so it’s important to check out their website and follow them on social media. Picuki has a really great daily photo-choosing brain and is really appealing to its followers.

Picuki also features yearly photo picks of some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Each year, you’ll be able to see their great eye for picking beautiful places.

You can find their account on Instagram and other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. They do a fantastic job of not only choosing which photos to feature but also have a great brain for giving directions on how to edit your own pictures! Their Instagram account has over 92 thousand followers and is definitely one of the best Insta-editors around.

How to Follow Picuki on Instagram

Go to their website and sign-up for their newsletter:  https://www.picuki.com/

Add the following link to your Instagram bio:  http://instagram.com/picuki

When you’re not posting pictures in general, try adding this caption with one of your most beautiful pictures from your past year or another picture you’d like everyone to see! And click

on “Add Timeline to Selfie” (on your iPhone). Then when you post a picture, add the name and location of the picture using a hashtag. When you’re done, click “Save”! Then go back to your Instagram account and you’ll have an option to upload a link of your pics with Picuki’s hashtag!

They also feature a daily photo-choosing brain at the end of each day, making their work that much more appealing.

Working as an Instagram editor is very fun and helps you to find great photos, but it’s important to know that your account won’t develop much without followers. So it’s very important to follow other accounts that are similar to yours and make friends. Most importantly, your account will not go any further without a brain.

By following all three steps, you should have a great Instagram account that people will enjoy! You’ll also be able to work on your own profile and make it look more appealing.

Picuki is a great Insta-editing account that also features some of the most beautiful places around the world! Give their account a follow and help them to reach 100 thousand followers!

If you know of any other accounts that are similar to Picuki, leave them a comment so we can all check them out! And if you have your own Instagram account, feel free to link it! We’d love if you checked out our blog and our social media too!  Thank you very much in advance!


 I am a photographer and the owner of Picuki. An Instagram editor for artists, photographers, models, bloggers, and everyone else who wants to share their work. I created Picuki in 2014 as a way to provide easier access for everyone to edit their photos on Instagram. I also wanted to connect with more people around the world, which is why I opened up a platform to help each other get noticed online. Picuki is a place where photographers and artists can share their work with the world, and where followers can discover new artists or follow their favorite ones. Picuki is a great source of inspiration for anyone who loves art, photography, and design!

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