What is Picuki: Instagram editor and viewer

What is Picuki: Instagram editor and viewer

Picuki is an Instagram editor and viewer. Its goal is to make it easier to enjoy your favorite pictures on Instagram in a more powerful way. It has a simple interface and does not have many features to get in your way. It’s made by an independent developer, using open source software and the freedom of code. Picuki is available for both Mac and Linux operating systems. It’s free, open-source software – with no ads or hidden fees; you only pay what it costs to download it!

Picuki is just one of the dozens of Instagram editors out there. Learn what makes Picuki stand out and why you should use it instead of other editors.

Instagram editor and viewer and what does it do?

Picuki was created by an independent developer. In order to make it more accessible, he decided to make it free, open-source software, available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

To start downloading… Install Picuki from: [Download] ~Picuki~ Great quality images in your Instagram feed in a matter of seconds. What is Picuki: Instagram editor… Free | Demo | $49.95 | $99.95 | 3.2 MB · $10.00 · Picuki – Instagram Viewer and Editor for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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By using Picuki you can open and edit photos on the Instagram website. It’s just a viewer, so it doesn’t have any editing tools. Note that Picuki works only with the Instagram site, not with the mobile application.

Here are Some of Picuki’s Basic Features:

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  • It opens all kinds of images from the Instagram site, including pictures and videos.
  • You can also view your activity feed and access your profile to update your information or change your password if needed.
  • Access accounts that you have previously signed up for. You can then share these accounts with other users who will be able to upload images to them as well as view these images on their own screens.
  • Open your profile to share with users and to view yourself.
  • You can add all kinds of tags, even if they are not allowed on Instagram (add tags such as #enjoy, #picoftheday, and #wish upon a star).
  • To organize your images, you can view them by date or in the image history.
  • The app also allows you to access control panel settings, where you access photo and video quality settings. This feature is useful if you have low speed internet or want to save space on your phone or tablet. You can also change other settings such as password or login expiration date.

Why use Picuki?


Picuki is a simple application. However, it has several basic features that really make it stand out – making it easier for you to enjoy your time on Instagram. The first obvious benefit is that you can view multiple images from your account at once and easily switch between accounts. It also allows you to view the activity feed which is something that the official Instagram application doesn’t do.

This app is much faster than the official app and it doesn’t require any VPN or proxy service to work. This means no need to worry about your online activities being hidden from anyone or getting blocked by firewalls, or internet providers slowing your connection down while using it. You also won’t have to worry about downloading a large, bulky app from the Apple store and waiting for it to install.

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What’s more, you can use this app without hitting the upload button. If you don’t want to share your photos on Instagram, it doesn’t matter. You can view them privately and quickly switch between different accounts if needed. However, it’s worth noting that even though Picuki is faster than official Instagram apps and sites, sometimes it may be lagging or may not work for you depending on your internet connection speed or the VPN service provider you are using.

Picuki lets you view both pictures and videos. This makes it easier to organize and view them in different ways. You can also watch videos without leaving the app.

Picuki doesn’t have any annoying pop-ups as you’re scrolling down your feed, nor does it have any ads or notifications that try to get your attention every few minutes. It’s more like a movie mode for viewing Instagram content on your computer.

Another great feature of Picuki is the ability to add all kinds of tags. This is something that the official Instagram app doesn’t allow.

How to Use Picuki:

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  • Click on the Sign Up button. A pop-up with a few different options will open up:
  • Click on Choose Existing Instagram Account and then enter your username, email address, and password.
  • Tap Create My Account to finish creating your account and sign in (or create a new account).
  • Once you’ve logged in, you can view your profile by clicking on My Profile at the top left corner of the screen (the icon is of a person). Another way to view your profile is by going to the + sign in the bottom-right corner and then selecting View Profile.
    To switch your account, click on the Account drop-down menu in the top-right corner and select another account. If you want to view a particular account’s activity feed, click on that specific icon by their name (e.g. John Smith). To view your own activity feed, click on My Activity.
  • Click on View More Options (top right corner). Scroll down and click on the View Images setting if you want to view the images that are already inside Picuki. This is helpful if you only want to view a specific account’s images.
  • Click on the “Select Photos” button shown in the image above. This will bring up another options page where you can select any of your photos to upload onto your Picuki account by clicking on Add Photo.

Find Your Favorite Account on Picuki:

If you want to add an existing account to Picuki, click on the Add Account button (top right corner). Then you will be brought to a screen where you can enter your username or email address, and your password. If you don’t have an account yet, click on the Sign Up button on the bottom of the screen.

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After adding your account, it is possible that the app may not allow you to upload pictures at first. To make it work, you have to delete all Instagram cookies from your browser. To do this, click on your browser’s settings while logged in to Instagram, then go-to cookies, select all cookies and clear them. After doing that, you should be able to upload pictures.
Also note that this app doesn’t work with Android or iOS devices and it only works with desktop browsers. However, it does work on all major browsers like Chrome (with the latest update), Firefox, Opera etc.


Picuki is a great app for those who like to view their photos on the computer rather than using their mobile device. It’s faster and more intuitive because you don’t have to wait for the images to load on your device. You can easily switch between accounts, view the feed and edit your photos.
If you are looking for an app with similar functions, check out our list of Instagram apps.
Make sure that you have selected the appropriate browser type:
This will allow Picuki to work properly in your browser.

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