Planning To Be Rewiring Your House? Here Are Some Points to Know

Tips To Avoid Short Circuits

If your house is old along with the electrical wirings, it is time to change and upgrade the wirings and stay safe with rewiring. The old wire gets punched here and there, becomes brittle, and can cause electrical short-circuits, blown-fuse, shocks, fire, and even fatal accidents.

One also needs to change the outdated switches and sockets, the fuse boxes and replace them with the latest products maintaining strict quality as per standards. However, one needs to contact an expert electrician as it is not a DIY job. However, rewiring your whole house requires proper planning, and it is time to discuss some tips for the same.

Tips For Changing the Wiring of Your Entire House 

When planning to hire licensed electricians for rewiring, there are certain important points to note which are as follows-

  • Do Proper Inspection – Before you seal the deal with the electrical contractor, you should inspect the services of your chosen expert. One can check the fuse box, and if the wires seem to be loose, brittle, or made from aluminum, the rubber coatings are coming off, exposing the cables, so it is time to go for the electrical rewiring of the entire house.
  • Contact A Licensed Electrician – One should contact the best licensed electrical contractor of the area, get the views, put forward the demand for additional plugs and sockets, and get the overall electrical load calculations before starting the work. Only a licensed electrician can give the best opinion on the issues. Electrical wiring is part of electrical engineering and not child’s play. Therefore, look for the contractor’s accreditation, the years of experience, and the expert staff in the agency, and then only go forward with your plans.
  • Take References – It is best to take references from friends, neighbors, or relatives about the workmanship of the electrical contractor. One can also ask the contractor for a list of clients and ask some of them about the expertise of the contractor and their satisfaction with the rewiring work.
  • Put Forward the List of Electrical Gadgets And Accessories That You Will Use – When doing rewiring, you should mention the electrical items used at home like the HVAC, geysers, microwave ovens, water pumps, number of refrigerators, garden lights, etc. Based on that, your chosen contractor will be Abe to calculate the overall wattage and the load and select the wire gauges accordingly. It is advised to add some additional load because one can use new types of gadgets for various purposes with technological advancement. You will not rewire your house every year, so estimating future load demand and selecting the circuit breakers and the wire accordingly should be done.
  • Get A Quotation – After you are satisfied with the plan, the working process, the materials to be used, and the contractor, it is time to get a quote. In such cases, you should ask for a fixed price quote over the variable price. It is also advised task for the functional flowchart of the contractor. It is not always possible to move it out of the house or keep the electrical lines of the entire house off during rewiring. Therefore, ask the electrical contractor about the workflow and arrange your daily schedule accordingly.  



Finally, when planning to do rewiring, you should note that the entire process may be costly; however, you shouldn’t ignore replacing the electrical lines if the cables are too old at your house. Ensure following up with the above tips to hire the best contractor in your area and get all your wires fixed on time.

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