Plaster Machine Or Hand Plastering Advantages

Plaster is the most applicable in the field completing works… It is normally applied the hard way and takes a ton of time and exertion. In the advanced world, Plaster Machine is becoming well known, which is applied to the surface utilizing particular hardware called “plastering station”. The inquiry emerges – which is better?


In “Plaster Machine” the stages “make a mortar – carry it to the wall – apply it to the wall” are mechanized.

The unit is introduced, the plaster blend is filled. The unit naturally readies the arrangement. The laborer takes the hose associated with the unit and applies the combination to the wall from the hose under tension.

You don’t have to work with a blender, you don’t have to convey cans, you don’t have to apply the arrangement physically to the wall.

The main thing left is to work with the standard.


Aces of Plaster Machine:

1. Quick application.

Plastering in a one-room condo should be possible in only three days.

You should turn out physically for 7-10 days (albeit the work can be sped up if you utilize a few experts simultaneously).

That is, the machining strategy is 2-3 times quicker than the manual one. Be that as it may, just at the phase of utilization (see subtleties underneath).

2. Investment funds.

Plaster Machine permits you to save money on filler work. Later “manual” plastering is needed to apply 2 layers of clay, and after Plaster Machine- just 1 layer.

Clay in 2 layers costs 300 rubles for every square meter, in 1 layer – 150 rubles.

Altogether, with Plaster Machine, wall fixes will cost 150 rubles less per square meter. Suppose that the area of ​​the walls in the condo is around 100 square meters, and that implies we will save 15,000 rubles. We will plaster one room with a wall area of ​​40 square meters, and that implies we will save 6,000 rubles.

Certain individuals will generally accept that manual plastering is a more controlled cycle than mechanical. From this, it follows that the nature of hand-made plaster is better. Notwithstanding, it isn’t. To be positive about the decision, you want to get what are the elements of these two sorts of plaster.

Applying hand plaster on the beacons, the made blend solidifies rapidly and the actual cycle is extremely long. As needs are, the arrangement must be made in little divides, which just confounds and builds the working time. What’s more, utilizing an answer of similar consistency on a huge surface is somewhat troublesome. Following the experience of subject matter experts, you should initially apply a layer, and afterward level it, which in this way prompts lopsided drying, along these lines the arrangement of inconsistencies and cracks.

A high outcome while picking a technique for Plaster Machine can be accomplished:

decrease of terms of work (3-5 times all things considered). With the nonstop course of making an answer and applying it to the surface, just as because of a reduction in the number of layers. The blend can be applied in a thicker layer, which permits you to rapidly take out abnormalities;

the plastered surface is completely level, the mortar is provided under tension. Therefore, this plaster has no voids, and that implies that the danger of cracks or delamination is diminished;

even though the plastered surface in this manner requires grouting, such activity is greatly streamlined, since frequently the nature of the completion is very reasonable in any event, for wallpapering the walls. Regularly motorized workable plaster is utilized as a base coat for exterior works, simultaneously, their expense is decreased and, no less significant, without loss of value;

because of the way that a thicker layer of mortar is applied by a machining strategy, generally speaking, it is feasible to even out the walls quickly, which is unimaginable with manual variant evening out walls with plaster;

fewer materials are needed because of the way that during the planning of the arrangement it is effectively advanced with air, in this way expanding its volume. What’s more, it should be noticed that manual plastering should be acted in somewhere around 2 layers, and this prompts extra expenses;

Plaster Machine stations are utilized not just for wall enrichment. With their assistance, “fur garments” are sprayed, self-evening out floors are made, tirades and cement concrete are introduced.

When to apply Plaster Machine?

Everything relies upon the need: cash or time.

On the off chance that 2-3 extra long stretches of the fix are not basic for you, you can utilize the machining strategy and lessen the expense of work by a few thousand rubles (benefit = 150 rubles * wall region).

Some of the time you can lessen vacation by accomplishing non-wall work.

Plastering work is done first. While the walls are drying, you can, for instance, fix floors, roofs, plumbing.


Benefits and detriments of machine plaster

Specialists working at plastering stations for the most part note just sure viewpoints in motorized utilization of mortar:

  • Absence of weighty actual work;
  • The speed of work execution increments by 3-4 times;
  • Materials for machine use of plaster are less expensive than comparable combinations for manual work;
  • Utilization of materials is not as much as while plastering manually;
  • The expense of the actual work is very nearly twice lower (from 220 rubles/m2 while working with the station and 550 rubles/m2 while applying 3 layers with a scoop);
  • The nature of work is higher:
  • the blend is provided under high tension, which adds to better attachment of the plaster to the wall;
  • the plaster arrangement is more homogeneous in structure, as it is frayed with two screws, because of which the plaster surface doesn’t break;

blunders in the readiness of the blend are avoided – its consistency is remembered for the station by the program.

Use Cement Wall Plastering Machine for advanced plastering.


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