Product Packaging Ideas to Be Used to Enhance Sales


You may not realize how much impact packaging has. Packaging is usually the first thing people notice when shopping online or in stores. As early as seven seconds after seeing a brand, people form an opinion. When it comes to e-commerce, this implies that customers already know who you are before they even hold your products. Products can be made or broken by the packaging they come in. You want to ensure your company stands out from the crowd and is the first thing new consumers see. In addition, if your product is a bit more expensive than the competition, you may encourage customers to buy it. A great deal goes into choosing your package besides the exterior. There are several Product Packaging Ideas to choose from, including mailer boxes, pouches, and hanging displays.

Product Packaging Ideas

We will discuss some of the packaging options available to e-commerce retailers here, as well as how to use them.

1. A killer product packaging must include these elements

It is true that companies provide consumers with a certain level of quality. This, combined with complex consumer rules and regulations, means that your packaging must include four key elements:

  • Your company’s emblem and branding
  • Illustrations on the package
  • Extras and product documentation (included inside cardboard boxes)
  • Markings for barcodes and countries of origin

While the first two points are what you need, it is the first two points that are the most enjoyable. You should create packaging for your product that is on-brand, current, and as per the needs of your customers. It is vital to stand out in today’s market.

2. Design a Reusable Package

Because the boutique beverage business is incredibly competitive, you would suppose there aren’t many really innovative packaging designs. It is incorrect to say that. POM Tea is a completely new concept. Essentially, the tea is infused with pomegranate juice, which makes it unique. What makes this product truly stand out is the packaging; the drink is what you can pack in a tall glass with a lid and a transparent shrink-wrap label. Remove the label, and retain the glass it states on the label. It costs $2.79 at our local Wild Oats, which is reasonable for bottled tea, plus you get a complimentary glass. Reusable packaging means that recycling is not necessary. It is one of the beneficial Product Packaging Ideas.

3. Add a Little Something Extra to Your Packaging

You may have pretty ordinary packaging and yet stand out from the crowd by just putting a small twist to it. The spaghetti sauce range from Amy’s Kitchen does just that. The jar size and label color blend in with the other pasta sauces. They are distinguished by a gold bow and paper on top of the jar’s lid. Seeing it on the aisle of pasta sauces makes you feel like you know it from your grandmother’s kitchen.

My local grocery store had dozens of candles from other brands, yet theirs stood out. It is because they use stylish and unique Product Packaging Ideas.

4. Use Sandwich Printing to Extend Your Labels

If you sell a clear liquid in a transparent container, you have an alternative that may provide you with greater packing space for very little extra expense. On your labels, you should print on the back. On the back of your labels, you cannot include regulatory information, but you may hold contests, tell a story about your firm, or provide information about how to properly use your product. It is a simple approach to provide extra information to your consumers without detracting from the look of your product.

5. Experiment with the Metallic Look

The majority of labels are what you may print on white or transparent materials, but there are other options available to you as well. If you want a unique appearance for your labels or retail packaging boxes, use shiny foil. A metallic finish is not that much more expensive than the same pattern on white and is gorgeous with a good design.

6. Concentrate Your Packaging on a Specific Market

Unilever’s Axe product range is aimed at a very particular demographic: young guys aged 18 to 35. In order to appeal to that specific demographic, they designed their packaging accordingly. In comparison to Axe Shower Gel, the packaging looks more like motor oil. It is a thick, molded piece of black plastic with an appealing rough appearance that clearly charms this audience. In this case, the packaging and contents of the product also have been adapted to their unique market. It is useful when you are seeking the best small business packaging ideas.

7. Combining two ideas for packaging

Despite its high level of competition, the beer industry is also highly competitive, with major companies always seeking to gain an advantage. Earlier this year, Anheuser Busch introduced an entirely new package design that won numerous packaging awards. It’s astonishing that no one had come up with this idea earlier. Almost everyone knows that beer is available in bottles, and cans are available of glass, aluminum, and plastic. Anheuser Busch chose to simply merge these two principles, and so the aluminum bottle was born. Moreover, it was 100 per cent recyclable, making it a unique, eye-catching, and stylish product. This combination is one of the top Product Packaging Ideas that you can see in the packaging world these days.

8. Seek Inspiration from Nature

In nature, you’ll also find examples of “innovative packaging,” including banana, pea pods, kangaroo pouches, and pine cones. Nature’s packaging is often elegant, gorgeous, and functional. Nature’s example is what you can use to inspire designs, colors, and even packaging ideas. When you are out walking in the woods, take a moment to glance around and admire nature’s smart packing.

9. Merge Some Packaging Ideas

The goal of this post is to urge you to think about your custom boxes more. Take a look at one or two of these suggestions and think about how you can incorporate them into your product. You’re more likely to achieve success if you focus on packaging and create something distinctive for your company.

Remember that your package not only contains your goods but it also serves as your last marketing statement to your consumers. Make sure your packaging conveys a compelling message and examine what your competitors are doing. For this purpose, you can use these Product Packaging Ideas.

By Zain Liaquat

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